15 Books to Read in 2015

15 Books to read in 2015

I’ve noticed that a very common New Year’s Resolution was to read more. I will admit: I love to read a good book, but finding the time to read it is so hard. Not to mention I feel guilty when I read a book for pleasure when I simultaneously have to read a book for school. Above are the covers of 15 books I enjoyed reading and think you might too! To find out a bit about each book, read on…

1. Orphan Train | I just read this and loved it! It was a quick read, and definitely a bit of a tearjerker.

2. Where’d You Go Bernadette | I’m sure you have heard of this before – it’s been getting major attention as a novel for those who liked Gone Girl. This wasn’t my favorite book ever, but I did like the mysterious plot-line.

3. Zoo | This book is being made into a television mini-series later in the year! Definitely read the book for the show comes out so you can compare the two.

4. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? | This is my favorite book. Ever. Mindy Kaling is the coolest person ever, and I honestly just want to be her best friend. If there is any one book to read on this list, it is this one.

5. The Catcher in the Rye | A classic! I read this sophomore year of high school and really liked it. After reading the book, check out the documentary Salinger (on Netflix!). It’s all about J.D. Salinger’s life, particularly his very hidden public persona despite his acclaimed writing.

6. Paper Towns | Read before the film, which comes out in June! This wasn’t my favorite John Green book (though it seems to be everyone else’s), but I did like it, and it is different than a lot of other teen literature that seems to be around these days.

7. Ready Player One | This book probably isn’t for everyone, but I really enjoyed it. The way the future is imagined in this book is crazy – reading that perspective was really different. The ending is amazing too!

8. Reconstructing Amelia | A bit strange, but very intriguing. Again, another Gone Girl type – a ton of secrets that chalk up to one big mystery.

9. Just One Day | The author of this book, Gayle Forman, also wrote If I Stay, which was just turned into a movie. I didn’t see the movie or read the book, but I’m sure fans of If I Stay would also like Just One Day. This is the typical young adult romance book, but despite that theme I still really liked it.

10. Looking for Alaska | This was the first John Green book I read – it also happens to be my favorite. I got hooked on this and read it pretty quickly – it was really good. And I’m sure it will be turned into a movie eventually (hehe).

11. I Have Iraq in My Shoe | This book hasn’t gotten major attention, but I absolutely loved it. It was completely different than anything I’ve ever read – especially because it is a true story. The author has a very engaging and funny voice!

12. One More Thing | This is a book of short stories, all written by actor BJ Novak. I will admit, I didn’t enjoy all of the stories – some were confusing, others just sort of lost me, but the majority I thought were really entertaining and funny. Again, something very different from other books circulating in Barnes & Noble.

13. Sarah’s Key | Loved this book! Very sad, but great if you are looking for a historical fiction read.

14. The Help | This book is a modern-day classic – I absolutely loved it. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, read this first. The movie was a great adaptation of the book (with amazing casting!), but definitely don’t skip on this novel!

15. The Great Gatsby | This is an absolute classic read. I read this last year in English class and ended up really liking it. The book is definitely better than the most recent movie remake – and I feel like it is the sort of book you can read over and over and still find new meaning in it.

I need book suggestions for 2015! What should I read?

xoxo, Jamie

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