Top 5 Winter Essentials

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Winter. Ew. I was never the type of person to hate winter – I’m not one of those kids who insisted on only applying to colleges with warm weather. But something about this current winter season is just sort of eh. It took awhile for it to kick into high gear, but once it did, the cold temps, icy roads, and wind chills all returned. The worst part, however, is the fact there is one thing (my favorite thing!!) this winter is currently lacking: a lot of snow. Yes, snow storms are massively inconvenient but hey, where are my snow days?! As a senior in high school, I think I deserve some days off – because at the end of the year, I’ll already be done with my classes when the snow days will have to be made up!

Okay so on to the actual topic at hand: winter essentials. If we were going to be really honest here, my list 1-5 would actually just be coffee. I am becoming addicted to coffee – and not even necessarily for the caffeine, I just like how it tastes! Over holiday break, I would have two cups a day and now I can’t wane myself off of it. But hey, at least it is a warm drink for the cold weather?

Alright. Now that you know all about my coffee obsession (random, I know), I’ll finally move on to the promised topic: winter essentials. Sure, the things I am about to mention are a bit self explanatory but I’m just hoping you’ll stick with me anyways.

EOS Vanilla Milk Lip Balm | I’m addicted to EOS. I buy way more than I could actually EVER get through in my lifetime. I currently have a good 6-7 lying in a drawer that have probably dried up by now, but I get so excited each time I find a new flavor in a store, and I automatically have to buy it. The Vanilla Milk flavor is SO good though. I leave it on my nightstand and apply before bed and when I wake up in the morning – and then a bunch of other times throughout the day.

The Color Red | Okay, so maybe this isn’t a tangible thing but hey, it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want! I have been loving the color red lately – the colors that dominate my wardrobe are black and grey, so I absolutely love tossing some red in to shake things up among the dull colors of winter. Try a red handbag or a red coat – even a red sweater, if you want to try something minimal at first – and you’ll absolutely love how it looks (plus, it is a power color!).

Coconut-Flavored Coffee | As promised, here is the coffee mention. I know coconut flavored coffee seems a little weird for this time of year (coconut is usually associated with summer) but I swear, coconut coffee just tastes amazing. My family just recently picked up the Coconut flavored Coffeemate that can infuse a coconut flavor into any coffee and I know it will become a longtime favorite of mine.

Fuzzy Socks | There are two types of people: those who sleep with socks on and those who sleep with socks off. I am somewhere in between the two – I sleep with socks, but often I kick them off in my sleep, meaning that I find random socks underneath my comforter all the time. Whether or not you are a sock on/off person, you need a pair multiple pairs to wear around the house. Old Navy is my go-to – cheap, cute, and they don’t shed.

Hand Cream | I never really understood the obsession with hand cream – in middle school, girls would pass around a bottle so everyone could use some. Only now, when my hands are starting to get extremely dry, do I see that hand cream is an essential. My nail salon gives out hand cream during the holidays as a “customer gift” so I use the one they gave out – it is so soft! This is another thing I keep on my nightstand so it is always within reach!

Okay so maybe this post did sort of stray from a “Top 5 Winter Essentials” to a “Recent Favorites” post… but nevertheless, I hope you still enjoyed! What are your favorite winter products right now? Or, if you are like me, your favorite products at the moment (where the moment is Winter)?

One last thing before I go! I have midterms next week (yikes!) so I’m not quite sure what my posting schedule will be like. I’m trying to schedule some things to go up now, but I will be spending this weekend studying and not blogging (unfortunately!). Please let me know if there are any posts you want to see from me, and I would be happy to try to write them up quickly so you get something from me next week :) And if anyone wants to send me motivational quotes to keep me going through the week, I wouldn’t be opposed to that either….

If anyone else is taking their midterms, good luck!!

xoxo, Jamie

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4 Responses to Top 5 Winter Essentials

  1. Kelly says:

    If you love fuzzy socks, you’ll have to try thick wool socks! LIFE CHANGER. I’m serious. Target sells a nice, reasonably priced brand. I wash mine in the washer on delicate and then hang them up to dry.

    Ohio Stripes

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      oooh! I will definitely pick up some next time I’m in Target. Thank you so much for the suggestion! xoxo

  2. Lauren says:

    I totally agree with the hand cream and fuzzy socks!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

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