The Power of the Lokai Bracelet

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You know those days when you are super stressed? And you just want to take a second to relax but you know you really don’t have time? That was me last week during midterms. I probably wasn’t as stressed as I could’ve been (being this close to second semester status will do that to you) but I still felt the pressure. After all, colleges will be getting my mid-year report with my midterm grades on it. I didn’t really do any favors for myself this year – I decided to take five APs, meaning that midterm wise, I had a lot of material to cover in a short amount of time.

Enter the Lokai bracelet. I usually do not buy into these “stress-relieving gimmicks” but when my mom’s friend had extras and offered to send me one, I jumped at the opportunity. It came just in time before midterms kicked in, and maybe it’s just the psychological effect, but it really calmed me down.

The white bead has water from Mt. Everest, and the black bead has mud from the Dead Sea! (Side story: I’ve been to the Dead Sea, but couldn’t go in because I was so sick. I need to go back to slather some of that Mud on my skin – supposedly it is a skin saver!)

The thought behind the bracelet is that there are times where you are at lowest point (Dead Sea) and other times when you are at your highest point (Mount Everest). The clear beads represent the journey in the middle. It’s important to remember that even at your lowest, things will get better, and at your highest point, to stay humble and remember the path it took to get there.

I absolutely love the positivity associated with this! When I look down at it, is just a great reminder to stay focused and keep my cool – everything will work out!

xo, Jamie


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  1. Denise says:

    That sounds really awesome! I am always skeptical of things like this at first, but it sounds like an amazing bracelet! Would love to give one a try. Thanks so much for sharing!


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