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I mentioned this briefly in Monday’s post but I’m always somewhat fascinated by the fact that haute couture is almost never mentioned directly on the teen blog circuit. (Although as the scene in the Devil Wear’s Prada suggests, technically we are all only mentioning high couture…)

It’s so interesting to me how fashion can have two realms, one in which retail thrives and the other in which haute couture and the runway dominate.

This post may seem as if I’m complaining about the lack of haute couture on blogs, particularly the circuit of teen/young adult blogs that I read, but to be honest, I am happy about it. (I think I just committed a fashion sin, this probably isn’t something I’m allowed to say…) 

Haute couture is beautiful to look at and pull inspiration, but simply put, in my opinion, it is just not something I typically want to write about. Most of the runway looks are not wearable – and since I’m in high school, I tend to stick to what is practical for me. Even if trends are created from those looks, I typically wait for stores to highlight that instead of doing my own speculation.

Regardless, I think it is so interesting how fashion can be one big umbrella and have so many different components under it.

I thought of this idea because of the Academy Awards, in which so many bloggers commented on their favorite dresses, but yet none really mentioned the designer or what collection it was from. Obviously, this is 100% acceptable but it made me think that perhaps some today’s bloggers don’t have as much of an affinity for haute couture.

I asked some of my blogger friends on what they think regarding covering haute couture on their blogs. Here were their responses… (and make sure to check out all of their blogs!):

y7XojPgJ_400x400“To be honest, I believe couture is made for the runways. And that’s it. Couture is supposed to highlight trends and color palettes. The average consumer isn’t supposed to wear everything that comes down the runway. Instead they should be inspired by what’s being shown. As a blogger, I think it’s our “job” to help our readers understand what trends are popular and put our own spin on couture. Although, it would be pretty amazing to wear a Chanel gown on my blog.” -Dana, Pink Champagne Problems

cfGUg1S9_400x400“I really like to have a good mix! I think the most important thing is to write about what will suit your readers, but you have to write what you like as well. Most girls who really read fashion blogs are interested in fashion and therefore I think knowledge of high fashion is vital. So a good mix is important.” – Carrie, Carrie On Blogs

6YWeLTjw_400x400“At our age, I think high couture fashion serves as great inspiration for outfit but isn’t necessarily realistic considering the price tags and our day to day schedules. I’m not looking to wear a pair of Manolo Blahniks to school, but I appreciate the style! In terms of blogging, I’ll sometimes include pricer couture items but never as a direct recommendation.” -Laura, Plain Insane & Insanely Plain

TGy5-vA7_400x400“Being one who loves fashion, especially the high couture, I definitely have a sense of dreams vs. reality. The price on some of those gowns I wish I owned (I mean I’m in high school…When would I wear something like that? More importantly where would I get enough money for that?!). High couture is a love of mine, but it’s not a part of my daily life so it’s not important to me to share it on my blog. Most people don’t have the money for things like that. On my blog, I like to share things that I would buy and wear. Yes my wishes and the things that are probably never going to happen are always fun to share… But the clothes I buy for myself are affordable, reasonable, or decently priced, and those are the clothes I share on my blog with my readers.” -Cathleen, Classy Cathleen

SUXjS5PA_400x400“I think it depends on the personal style of the blogger – some people have all high fashion, some have none, and lots of bloggers have a mix of the two. I like to use items I already own, and focus on the idea that the audience can re-create an outfit with similar style, not necessarily the exact pieces. It can be relevant to have high fashion if that’s your style, and it’s also important to provide similar options for clothes even if it’s expensive or it’s not!” -Stephanie, Petite Pastels

_cHjNDOC_400x400“I shop for all of my clothes for myself so clearly my babysitter’s budget does not have room for couture or designer clothing. That being said, I do believe that couture is important to anyone who loves fashion and is interested in trends. Couture shows what the biggest designers think is relevant in the fashion industry so I don’t see how those trends shouldn’t trickle down into personal style blogs. I also don’t believe that every personal style blogger should be wearing couture in every post, because then the idea of a personal style blog gets thrown out the window. I think really relevant blogs tie in trends found in couture and on the streets with clothes that are accessible to all people.” -Megan, Tunes & Tunics


“I prefer to focus on what’s accessible, especially for my age! As a senior in high school I can’t afford designer items and often find that if the style of fashion is that popular, there will most likely be a cheaper alternative.” -Hannah, Hannah with a Camera

0kYT0_Z6_400x400“I think that referencing high couture in blogging is important in any fashion blog because high couture influences the ‘lower market’ trends sometimes more than we (and our readers) even realize. Also, as a blog reader myself, I love seeing my favorite blogger’s favorite fashion week/couture picks and which looks stuck out to them at the shows. Also I know a lot of high school girls who are very fashion conscious and blog readers look at high couture dresses for prom inspiration, which is a post I am working on and I am using fashion week looks for inspiration to find my own prom dress! I think a greater focus overall should be on what the audience is interested in and if your blog is monetary, then what your audience can afford, but high fashion is definitely something to be referenced whenever talking about trends!” -Nicole, Empire Styles

tjvu2YFm_400x400“Wearing high couture fashion is not practical for most bloggers and their readers but it’s important to pay attention to the trends on the runways and to look for pieces in stores that have similar trends and styles that are more wearable.” -Renee, Gimme Glamour

le0bBPA5_400x400“High couture fashion is extremely expensive. However, many young bloggers take the concepts presented by major fashion houses and translate them into something achievable and wearable in an inexpensive everyday setting. Many teens purchase long lasting classic pieces from higher priced designers, like a bag that will last for years as opposed to a trendy top that will be dated within weeks. Combining inexpensive pieces (that look expensive) with designer wardrobe basics is something that every blogger can obtain. However it is super fun to lust over expensive brands (Prada’s Classic car themed runway show is a personal favorite of mine!) even knowing you can’t afford it.” -Jenna, The Mirror Reflects

2UM1xDNn_400x400“I don’t think incorporating high couture is important. I focus on incorporating items because I like them, not because they are name brand. I think high couture is relevant depending on the situation. It’s all about showing what you like and what you think your readers will like.” -Ashley, Private School Prepster

BBYXiGRU_400x400“​At Skyscrapers and Palm Trees, incorporating high couture happens naturally and without us making a conscious effort. It isn’t that important to us since in some way, shape, or form, our favorite stores are inspired by the runway looks and in turn, integrating those looks into their collections. High couture is reflected in our favorite items, what we blog about, and what inspires us — it’s just usually the much affordable knock-offs. On our blog, we tend to focus more on fashion that is accessible but the funny thing is that these stores are usually reflecting cheaper, more affordable alternatives than what was seen on the runways during fashion week. These more affordable alternatives allow us to recreate a similar look without making a serious dent in our bank account. That is not to say that incorporating high couture fashion is a bad thing as everyone likes to splurge every once in a while, right?” -Alex and Jen, Skyscrapers and Palm Trees

mFmrQFYO_400x400“It’s not very important for me to incorporate into my blog, but I definitely think it is important for anyone interested in fashion to have knowledge on high couture fashion eventually, which we can get from some of the older bloggers we all follow.” -Anna, Undeniably Social/Undeniably Anna

meg_zpsbeff7548“I think that high couture fashion is most important because it serves as a source of inspiration for more practical looks and pieces. I like to focus on those on the practical side but swooning over Chanel never hurt anyone!” -Meg, A Sunny State of Mind

5sCII8sI_400x400“Personally, I love following haute couture brands and their shows. Aside fro the occasional post-Fashion Week round up, I’ve never really focused on it on Behind Her Monogrammed Macbook. Girls our age don’t have access to brands and events such as Fashion Week, so I like to focus on what’s readily available in stores.” -Courtney, Behind Her Monogrammed Macbook

t5CJyrFr_400x400“To me, ‘couture fashion’ is a concept that is super unattainable, both due to costs as well as literal accessibility (and the fact that I don’t think most of it is easy to wear as a typical woman out and about). That said, I really don’t focus on it at all because I don’t really think it has a place in personal style blogs. I’m far more concerned with what people actually can and will wear and I build my wardrobe and blog around that. Besides, just because something is “high fashion” doesn’t mean it will look good on every body, so that’s important to keep in mind when you’re trying to make your blog appeal to a certain demographic.” -Marissa, Makin’ it with Marissa

10175251_1583904955159354_980638734_n“I think high couture fashion finds a way to incorporate itself into my blog regardless. I think back to Emily Blunt’s famous speech in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ about the trickle down effect in fashion trends – high couture fashion is relevant to bloggers whether you shop at Nordstrom, J.Crew or Target. I try to incorporate whatever designs and trends inspire me because, as a student, the must have trench from J.Crew can be as out of reach as a Burberry coat. For me, it’s about finding the look at an appropriate price point but I can’t find the inexpensive look without knowing the high price trends that we find on the runway.” -Anika, Anika {sur la terre}

bifoS5WV_400x400I am sure in ten years from now I will be sitting at my office desk, wearing a few thousand dollar outfit, and will laughing at my answer to these questions. Being a high schooler in a suburb of Detroit, it is not everyday that I have an excuse to be ‘dressed to the nines.’ I have always found high couture fashion to be amusing. To me the signature six-inch red-souled heels should be labeled under ‘costume’ over ‘high fashion.’ They are just not practical to my lifestyle. Though I do have appreciation for a stunning design leather handbag, I have never felt the need to fork out thousands of dollars for a purse. When I say I pay for designers, I mean that I pay for the quality over the product rather than the label. Sure I would love a Prada handbag or a pair of Chanel leather gloves, and there is a high chance I will eventually own both, at this time in my life I do not see why it is necessary to do so. I am perfectly content with my Kate Spade and Cole Haan purses and my warm winter-gloves.When it comes to blogging,  I would rather read a post about a blogger dressed in practical clothing for his/her age. I completely understand how for some, money is never and issue and that being dressed in head-to-toe couture is the norm for their area. But if the blogger is living in the suburbs or on a farm, I want to see him/her partaking in events and dressing in a way practical for their lifestyle. That is what makes a blog authentic, not pretending to be someone that the author is not. When I want to read about high couture, I open a fashion magazine… not a teenagers blog.” -Mandy, The Quirky Conservative

Thank you to all of these bloggers for taking the time to respond to me with their thoughts! I absolutely loved doing a post like this and would be thrilled to do more in the future, so if you have any suggestions for topics, send them my way!

xoxo, Jamie

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  1. Michaela says:

    This is a great post! I love hearing everyone’s thoughts!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Thank you so much Michaela! I would absolutely love to include your input on a similar one next – I’m sorry I missed you this time around!! xoxo

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