Blogging Slump


Alright. Here’s the deal: I’m sort of in a blogging slump. I was so excited when I hit 200 posts, but the momentum I pretended I had in my last few posts was all fake. I don’t have a ton of ideas, and the ideas I have I keep wavering on.

Blogging is somewhat exhausting when it comes to trying to be different. In fact, PopCosmo did a whole #ChicChat on trying to maintain a sense of originality. I could very easily replicate posts that I’ve seen other bloggers do just to put something up – but I don’t want to post material I think is flimsy.

So, please stick with me as I figure out how I want The Fashion Newcomer to proceed! Obviously, there won’t be any major changes but I just need to figure out a rhythm when it comes to what content I am putting up.

There should be posts up later this week, at least one, perhaps two, so look out for those. In the mean time, please please please send me requests! I would be thrilled to write a post about really anything if I knew there was a person on the other end who would want to see it.

I made this form (see below) which hopefully is easy to fill out! Otherwise, feel free to tweet me or e-mail me.

I know most of the people who read my blog are bloggers themselves who probably struggle with coming up with ideas, so perhaps we could use this as one big forum to come up with a ton of ideas, and I could post them all later on as a bank of ideas? What do you guys think?

Thanks for sticking with me!

xo, Jamie


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