The Top 5 Things Tour Guides Say On Every College Visit


PSA: I am not quitting blogging!!!!!! In the middle of the fourth paragraph there was a part that said it was an April Fools joke, but if you didn’t see that… I was 100% kidding yesterday!

Hi TFN readers! I am thrilled to announce that I am officially done with the undergraduate college process of applying and waiting to hear back from schools. I will keep you all updated on where I decide to go, but until then…

I have decided to start to recap the process by writing a ton of college-themed (at least, on the applying front) posts. If you are heading into the process and have any questions, please send them to me! I’d be happy to answer anything. Throughout my experience, I had all these ideas for blog posts but didn’t want to write them until I was completely done. I have a bunch drafted, and I’m excited to share them with you all now…

I am by NO means a college expert at all. But after visiting at least 13 schools, everything sorts of blurred together and it definitely seemed like all the schools followed the same speech. Anyone with me? All of these things are great things – and to be honest I’m glad they say them because in general they are kind of prerequisites (well, except for the puppy thing). Could you imagine going to a school where you didn’t at least have the option of study aboard? Or with absolutely terrible dining hall food? (Hello, you’ll be living on their meal plan after all!).

So without further ado, here are 5 things guides say on every college visit… (and maybe later I’ll do another post on the most unique/wacky things I’ve heard on college visits…)

1 / “We have so many clubs here, and worse comes to worse, you can start your own club”

For some reason, schools really think that clubs are a HUGE selling point. And trust me, they are (who wants to go to a school with no clubs?), but I feel like I’ve heard this same line, word for word, at each school I’ve been to. The best is when the introduction of “you can start your own club” begins, as that leads to the tour guide listing the weirdest list of clubs ever. People really like to start the most random clubs but hey, that’s college for you…

2 / “We have 100+ study abroad programs; you can study in any place”

The question is: is this actually true? There definitely have to be limitations. I want to study business, and I’m pretty sure I can’t study business in every place. I could be wrong – but only time will tell…

3 / “Our dining hall has the best food”

I swear, every dining hall has the BEST food. Literally every single school. Except for the one school that I toured that didn’t have dining halls at all… instead, they just claimed the surrounding restaurants and other meal options had terrific meals. Another thing that is always in tandem with this is the idea that the meal plan the school offers is super easy.

4 / “We have puppies come in for you to pet when you are stressed during finals!” 

Every. College. Ever. Now, I’m not saying that this isn’t a great thing – I’m sure tons of people love petting a cute animal as a way to cope with the impending doom of exams. This just isn’t really a selling point for me. That being said, maybe once I go to college I’ll be thankful it exists – but I’m just truly not enough of an dog person to appreciate this (yet)!

5 / “If a class is over [enter big number of students here] we have discussion sections”

Parents, for some reason, absolutely LOVE to hear this. It immediately makes any school desirable – I’ve seen parents on tours absolutely coo over this – they think it is wonderful! I for one picked big schools to tour and apply to, so I’m perfectly fine knowing that I will have a few lecture hall classes.

What have you heard on your college tours? Like I said before, definitely send me questions – I’d love to do a whole Q&A college post.

xoxo, Jamie

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