24 Hours In Washington, D.C.

Spring seems to be the time everyone sets out on day trips and short overnights, am I right? There’s just something about the spring that makes traveling so much easier – perhaps it’s the fact that no one has to bring a large, puffy coat with them (to most destinations, but granted, not all). Anyways, my family kicked off the season with a quick (very quick – to be honest, we’re actually talking less than 24 hours) trip to Washington, D.C.! I highly recommend checking out the city if you ever get a chance.

And yes, incase you were wondering, I will be the first to admit: the following photos are not the most glamorous. I’m simply not good at getting the typical “blogger” shots –  sue me that not everywhere I go has white marbled granite.

NEW FAVORITE: Founding Farmers // Brunch

Founding Farmers is a few blocks away from the White House and is a perfect brunch spot – the food was amazing. Remember to make a reservation.

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These beignets were heavenly. I’ve never been to New Orleans so I can’t compare to the famed, classic ones but stand-alone, these were fried perfection. They came with three dipping sauces: chocolate, caramel, and raspberry (which was a dead ringer for the raspberry inside the Cronut).

IMG_9062I’m working on finding a way to replicate this – and for those who are confused – this is a Peanut Butter Banana Toast. The little balls may look like the smallest blueberries ever, but they are actually little things of chocolate that melted straight into the toast. One word: yum. I’m actually going to work on making my own version of this so stay tuned for that, as I will 100% put it up on the blog.

Believe it or not, the two things pictured above were appetizers before our brunch came. I ate the majority of the toast above, so when my actual meal came I was too full to eat it. It was still incredibly delicious though and I would recommend it – the Sausage, Mushroom, and Spinach Pan Scramble. Oh! While you are there, try the hash browns. You won’t regret it.


The restaurant had an incredibly cute atmosphere including a little bakery upstairs. But I can’t emphasize this enough: do yourself a favor and make a reservation! We had one, walked in, and despite the hoards of other people waiting, were seated quickly. Although this place is D.C./Maryland based, I can only hope that maybe one day it will migrate over to New York City. I need more of that Banana Toast in my life!

CLASSIC SIGHTS: White House & Eisenhower Executive Office Building // Quick View

We decided to stroll down to the White House because I have never been – and if I have, it was when I was really little and obviously do not remember at all! On the way was the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which we also stopped to look at too.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetC’mon…. what is D.C. without a trip to the White House? Last time I was in D.C. (about a year ago), we made a pit stop at the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool, so the only thing we really had left was the White House. We were there the day before Easter, so perhaps the Obamas were actually there?

MISCELLANEOUS: Georgetown // Shopping, Food, & Good Instagrams

Georgetown is one of my favorite spots ever! It’s very cute and has a ton of great stores. We didn’t have really any time to go shopping or explore, but it was fun to hang out there for a little bit. Beware: dessert places attract massive lines (I’m looking at you, Georgetown Cupcakes and Baked & Wired).


This vegetable-loaded pizza was from a restaurant that I can’t remember the name of – a cute, local spot that was nothing special but not terrible either.

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IMG_9041I knew that there is a Rent The Runway Store in New York City but I have never been… this was the first time I saw one in the flesh. I love the concept of Rent the Runway and think its fabulous that the website is shifting over to some brick and mortar stores. Have any of you ever tried it?

As for now, I’m back in Connecticut battling my senioritis and pushing through blogger’s block one step at a time! To be honest, senioritis and blogger’s block aren’t that different… but that’s another post for another time.

xoxo, Jamie

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4 Responses to 24 Hours In Washington, D.C.

  1. Ellen says:

    I totally need to go to Founding Farmers next time I’m in D.C. That food looks SO good. And Baked & Wired and Georgetown Cupcakes are must-visit places, despite the lines. Luckily they weren’t too bad when I was there!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  2. Marissa says:

    Oh my YUM, that brunch looks incredible! And I’m so glad you enjoyed DC! I’ve been fortunate enough to travel there so many times over the past 5 years and studied “abroad” there in 2012 – I’m definitely planning to move there after my time in San Francisco has run it’s course :)

    Makin’ it with Marissa

  3. Carrie says:

    Even if it was a super short trip it looked like you had so much fun! The brunch looks incredible. I went to D.C. when I was 9 and now I really want to go again.


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