Jewelry for the Seasons

Slide1It has been very hard for me lately to come up with my own ideas for blog posts. So I decided to turn to my friends who aren’t bloggers and see what they would actually be interested in reading. One of my friends suggested differences between cold and warm weather jewelry, and here we are….

If you are an avid reader of TFN, then you know that I’m a huge fan of adding a few jeweled touches to spice up any outfit on any given day. Jewelry is easy and always fun – it makes you look like you have your life together even if you really don’t.

The seasons are changing (finally!), which means everyone is heading out in pursuit of some new buys to switch out the items they are a little tired of wearing. I love my chunky winter sweaters, but the thought of having to wear them for another few weeks is just as depressing as the thought of the temperature regressing to be back in the 20s.

I haven’t used polyvore in awhile (…am I taming my addiction?!), so I decided to compare/contrast some more winter/spring items with summer/spring buys.

Jewelry for the Seasons - TFN

Jewelry for the Seasons – TFN by thefashionnewcomer

MARC BY MARC JACOBS stainless steel jewelry, $245 / Kate spade jewelry / Kendra Scott statement necklace / J Crew cuff bracelet / Collar necklace / BaubleBar bib necklace / Baublebar jewelry / Sequin turquoise jewelry / Baublebar jewelry / House of Harlow 1960 stud earrings

Above are just some ideas on what you could consider to be winter and fall jewelry vs. summer and spring jewelry. Truthfully there are no rules – you can wear whatever you want whenever you want – and let’s be honest: companies want us to believe there is a huge divide between warm and cold weather jewelry so we buy more.

Here are my general thoughts on the topic when it comes to what to buy jewelry-wise exclusively for winter/fall and summer/spring:

Winter/Fall: Heavier and darker pieces work well in the winter because they perfectly complement layered pieces and tall boots. Just as darker clothes are more customary in the colder months, the same goes for jewelry. Again – this is not a rule, and I often wear dark jewelry in the warmer months myself. However, if you wanted to make one big change to transition into the spring, I would try swapping out one of your main pieces, such as your watch. A black or navy watch in the fall and winter looks polished, but might appear bulky in the spring and summer. Try a new face or band that has a few color pops in it – chances are, this will better match your spring wardrobe as you start to incorporate new colors!

Spring/Summer: When I think of spring and summer jewelry, my mind jumps to these words: light, fun, whimsical, effortless, minimalistic, and bold. I often think that the epitome of spring and summer jewelry is whatever you would wear on vacation. When heading on a trip, I’m typically forced to pack less, and often I just wear less jewelry while I’m relaxing. Try dainty necklaces, perhaps layered, or go for one big statement necklace in a bright color! Little bracelets can also be a way to add an extra piece without overdoing anything. I love studs for the summer – pop them in and leave them for as long as you want – one less piece of jewelry to worry about when getting ready. If you’re going to a fun soiree, try bigger earrings in a very fun color you would never wear in the winter – think fuchsia, yellow, and bright orange.

xoxo, Jamie

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