Timeline of the Madness: Lilly Pulitzer for Target

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Hi all! Yesterday the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collection was released in stores and online, and, unless you have been on a social media cleanse, I am sure you have heard about it – especially if you blog or are a frequent blog reader.

Anyways, for those who have been loyal readers, you’ll remember when I went to Target early for the Philip Lim for Target Launch and wrote a timeline style post (see here). I planned on also heading to my local Target early yesterday to see if I could get my hands on some of the Lilly pieces, but unfortunately, I overslept. However… I came up with an alternative plan to still get you all another Timeline of the Madness post: enter my good friend Emily, a non-blogger, to do a guest post for me! I so appreciate her taking the time to do this. (And if you like this post, tweet Emily @emkxoxo and tell her to start a blog!).

Blogging has become pretty monotonous in general, so I loved the idea of bringing in a fresh voice, and hopefully you do too!

(Incase you were wondering: I made it out to a different Target at 2:00 p.m. and found nothing, but I expected that. The employees likened the day to Black Friday, saying before opening there were over 300 people there!)

Here is Emily’s Timeline of the Madness…

7:00: Woke up extremely early on a weekend because I needed be at Target before the doors opened at 8! My mom came to wake me up, and for a moment I thought to myself, “Sleep is definitely more important. It’s seven.” However, I dragged myself out of bed. I wore athletic shorts, sneakers, and a sweatshirt. People probably thought I was going to the gym, but if you know me, you know that is very, very far from the truth. Also, I never wear sneakers but I figured if I needed to run in the store, I was set!

7:15: Barely functioning through the Dunkin Drive Thru. (Side Note: Was contemplating driving to another Target, because I thought maybe it wouldn’t be as crazy. My mom and I decided that by the time we got to a different store, it would be twice as crowded. The Target in our hometown is the only one for the surrounding three towns, so driving further would’ve been a hassle.)

7:20: Arrival at Target. My mom and I drove up into the parking garage and noticed cars from New York City, Massachusetts, and Long Island. The first few garage floors were relatively empty so for a quick second so I thought that we were early! I was so, so, so wrong. We decided to go all the way up to the top level, SO many cars! There was a line behind the door, and when my mom and I got out there were 100 people in front of us.

7:45: My hand almost fell off due to hypothermia (not actually) from my Dunkin Iced Coffee. We were still in line, with 15 more minutes to go! Then a Target employee came out and started yelling out directions at us. He informed us that:

  1. The merchandise is spread throughout the store. It was separated by Housewares, Women, Beauty, and Girls. (As he was saying this, I realized that all the clothing I would be after was located in a very small area. Anyone who shops at Target knows that the clothing sections are small and cramped. I figured great 100 people, plus my mom and I- someone is going to get hurt!)
  2. They would not allow anyone to take elevators up because they were concerned when people got to the top they would stop the elevator from returning back down to the parking garage level. So, they insisted we go up the stairs. UGH. This was the closest I’ll ever get to exercising this early in the morning.

People started yelling “We want Lilly, We want Lilly!” Then, for the first time since I got to Target, I turned around. There were 250-300 people BEHIND me! Unreal!


8:00: Tired Target employees started letting people in 50-75 at a time. The first group went in and I was 10 feet from the door! Then the employees let the next round in (I was in this one, yay!) and they shut the doors on my mom! I turned around and I yelled, “Let my mom in!” The employee, Justin, seemed annoyed that I wanted to stay with my mom. However, they let her go in with me and we traveled up the 30 steps…to MADNESS.

8:05: I am finally in Target and there are blonde ladies everywhere! I don’t mean to call out the blondes, as I am one too, but really there was no diversity among the shoppers. These women were grabbing racks, basically anything they could get their hands on! I grabbed the last romper, and then moved away from the crowd to process what was happening. It was crazy, everyone was frantically combing through the racks of clothing. Then I saw my mom, who clearly had more luck than I did because she had two armfuls of stuff.

8:10: We quickly walked over to beauty (which everyone had already run past) and everything was untouched. So I grabbed a bunch of makeup cases to give to friends as graduation gifts, some nail polish (because I cannot resist Essie), a headband, and 2 packages of hair ties.

8:15: My mom ran up to second level to see if she could find any housewares. Everything was gone.

8:17: My mom came back downstairs – and we both realized that people who came in after us got NOTHING. No nail polish, flip-flops, or even bathing suit bottoms. I decided that going into the fitting room would be too much of a hassle so I went into a corner and tried on clothes. Luckily I was in a sports bra, and it was mostly women in the store. I picked what I liked which included: A blue shift dress, a romper, a halter top, and a bathing suit. The other stuff we gave to people who didn’t have anything because I felt so bad for them!

8:20: A fight broke out over a dress outside the fitting room. Basically there was a huge group standing outside the fitting room waiting for people to try on stuff and then put it back (my mom called this the “cast-away stuff.”) This woman who was shopping for her daughter (I know this because she tried to go after my romper to which I said, “No. Sorry!”) tried to push someone and almost snapped this other young woman’s arm to get to a dress. I love Lilly Pulitzer but violence is not the answer for a $30.00 dress. It’s not worth it. Keep your sanity, please.

8:30: Got in line for checkout, paid and left. All in all, this experience was amazing and crazy. I believe I will wear my blue shift dress for graduation which is super exciting, and it was only $38! I really love everything I bought. It may seem like I got a lot, but wasn’t compared to the carts filled to the brim with clothes and pillows!


In the end, I’m super happy I made the trip. I was a little disappointed by the fact everything sold out online and that the bathing suit I wanted was online only, but compared to people who didn’t get anything, I’m super lucky. And Jamie, if you’re reading this (which you should be, this is your blog. Hello!) you should expect a Lilly makeup case in your future. For those of you who didn’t go, I would say you missed out on some great deals but it’s not the end of the world!

You can still get the nail polish – they were colors that already existed but just had a Lilly sticker on them. (The only way I’m rationalizing this is because it’s a new season and I need new colors!!)

I was bothered by how some people on Twitter reacted to the collection. I saw some tweets that basically said Lilly Pulitzer should be exclusive and the brand was built on that exclusivity. Honestly, it bothers me because not everyone can go and spend $200 on a shift dress and if you get the opportunity to get a Lilly dress for $38, you take it! Also, did anyone see the stuff that’s being sold on eBAY? For example, my shift dress is going for $100! CRAZINESS!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my long post and if you made it all the way through: Congrats! I’ve never done anything like this, but Jamie is my best friend and I admire her devotion to her blog! Does anyone have any brands they’d like to see partner with Target next? If so, which?

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