The Her Campus Guide to College Life


I’m not sure if I’ve ever fully divulged this here on the blog, but I absolutely love to read. I’ll read almost any genre – fiction, nonfiction, historical fiction, biographies…. you name it, I’ll probably read it. Thus, when Her Campus released their book The Her Campus Guide to College Life – which merges my love of reading and my high school senior status – I was immediately intrigued.

I’ve been involved with Her Campus for awhile –  I have been a high school ambassador for three years, and I am part of the Her Campus Blogging Network (HCBN), so when HCBN members received the opportunity to receive a copy of the book I was thrilled and jumped on the opportunity! Her Campus is an extremely informative website that provides tips and stories on all things college – although some things were irrelevant in the past few years given I was still in high school, I’m so glad I know that the website exists as a resource for the future.

As soon as the book came in the mail I devoured it – the guide is an easy read and presents the information in a manner that is very user-friendly – think quick tips, brief recaps, and in-depth information on more prominent and pressing matters.

It seemed that the editors of Her Campus thought of everything – partying, campus safety, how to be a good roommate, academics, and more! The book definitely gave me a greater idea of some college necessities – which is imperative considering I’m a high school senior and I’ll need all the help I can get making such a big transition.

My only gripe is that the book didn’t feature personal stories, which I personally find intriguing and fun to read, but I know that I can always head on over to for distinct stories – and I can even look at the page for the actual school I will be attending (as stated in other posts, more on where I’ll actually be attending to come on May 1!).

If you are a high school junior or senior, I would 100% recommend getting the book to get a preview into what you’ll need for college. If you’re currently in college – still take a look! You’ll never know what tips you could learn to make your life easier going forward.

xoxo, Jamie

*Book ℅ Her Campus*

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