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Happy May 1, also known as “College Day” for high school seniors all across the country! Typically May 1 is the deadline when people have to put down a deposit to the college/university they will be attending for the next four years, and therefore, many seniors come to school decked out in gear that represents where they are headed!

Although I have discussed senior year and the college process, I have not discussed so much of where I applied, where I got in, and of course, where I am going.

I got into a lot of schools that were all very different (smaller, large, city, campus, etc.). There were parts of each that I loved, but there was one that wrapped everything together perfectly…. Binghamton University!

I know there is a handful of you out there that have never heard of Binghamton, as so many bloggers are Southern and Binghamton happens to be all the way in upstate New York – thus probably not on some of your radars. Regardless, I am so incredibly thrilled with my choice and know that Binghamton is the perfect home for me for the next four years! Funnily enough, both of my parents also went to Binghamton and met there – not the reason I chose the school, but I have to say, it is cool to know that I will be attending their alma mater.

Again, I’m not sure I have fully discussed my intended major, but I am going into the School of Management and as of now I am planning on studying Marketing, but that concentration might change! I know I am 100% interested in business and I am looking forward to exploring the different fields in that area. (And Binghamton was just named #14 out of the top schools to study Business at by Time, which is very exciting!)

The college process is crazy and stressful and very weird. Although there are algorithms that can predict different outcomes, everything overall is a crapshoot. You can’t count on anything – safeties aren’t really safeties, and who knows, you could even get into one of you reaches (hey, NYU Stern!).

My biggest piece of advice is to keep an open mind – really do it (don’t just pretend you are). Look at all different schools of different sizes and see what each has to offer you and your future – where will you be the best version of yourself? What school can propel you towards your goals?

I don’t think I could’ve ever predicted that I would be going to Binghamton – but when I re-visited the school in late March, I feel in love. I never had the “feeling” when I first toured schools, but when I went back, Binghamton actually felt right. It takes time to make a decision, so don’t rush yourself into anything and definitely don’t convince yourself that the wrong school is right for you.

I am so excited for the next four years and at that – to take you all on the journey with me! If there are any pre-college topics/application topics you would like to see covered, let me know!

As for now… send me dorm room decor websites and suggestions! I’m very excited.

xoxo, Jamie

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  1. Anna says:

    Jamie! Still so so so proud of you! Love you and congrats!


  2. Congrats Jamie!! Bing is so lucky to have you and you’re going to do so well there!! Happy decision day!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations!! College decisions are so exciting :)

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