Senior Year: The Road to May 1


The amount of times I was asked the above questions this year was incredible. There are so many loaded components to senior year, but the biggest, and the one I’m talking about today, is the overall rush to May 1. These questions – which are consistently asked by peers, teachers, family members, and really anyone who knew I was in the throes of senior year – play into this concept that senior year is one big long journey to May 1, otherwise known as decision day, where seniors all over the country release their plans for the next years of their lives.

Leading up to May 1 is a lot of “hardship” (in quotes solely because the things I consider to be annoying and difficult I’ll probably forget about very shortly or simply just aren’t actually real concerns in the grand scheme of life). Here are some of my thoughts…

ONE // You will get sick of people at school.

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Obviously peers and friends can be great at times, but other times throughout senior year they can get a little too nosy and curious. When it comes to the college process, people are often passing judgement where they truly do not need to be in the slightest. As a result, you won’t just get sick of the aforementioned questions, but also of the people asking them. There were so many times where I was so frustrated with people for prying their way into my business!

TWO // You will make many lists.

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Regardless of if you are a list maker or not (as the above pad so proclaims), senior year is centered on lists. Whether it be listing out the schools you are applying to, the scores you received on various tests, the classes you have taken in your high school career, or what your extracurriculars are, there are many forms that prompt you to recite everything that you deem “valuable” to college admissions officers. Besides the lists that come from just the applying process in general, there’s making to-do lists to just keep up with all you are drowning in – the combination of schoolwork, finalizing the Common Application, and your social calendar can often be too much to actually properly keep straight in your mind.

THREE // Comfort food is a must.


Comfort food and sometimes 9+ hours of sleep can do the trick of just recovering from the many busy weeks. There’s so much to do in so little time, coupled with major decisions (such as debating whether or not to apply to school, to submit extra materials, the list goes on and on). A little Ben and Jerrys (or for that matter, milk and cookies!) and a chance to sleep in goes a long way when it comes to dealing with all that is going on.

FOUR // There is a heavy reliance on the Internet (for everything).

From Tumblr
From Tumblr

The internet became such a huge guide for me – I would google different things about colleges I thought about applying to, such as what they were specifically looking for, acceptance rates, overall reputations… the list goes on and on. So many people I know basically worshipped College Confidential when it came to figuring out anything about a given university or college. I also frequently relied on the internet when it came to my senioritis, at those times when even opening up a textbook seemed like it would be too much effort. When it would actually come time to force myself to study, I would also rely on the Internet by using tools like Quizlet (which is a total time-saver, instead of making your own flashcards).

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