LeSportsac & Rifle Paper Co. Collaboration


Get ready to want to upgrade all of your travel bags: LeSportsac x Rifle Paper Co. is here, and everything is beautiful.

To be honest, I am 100% shocked the blogging world has been fairly silent regarding this stunning collaboration. We all obviously love Rifle Paper Co.’s prints and patterns, and LeSportsac’s durability is a rarity in a world where quality can be sacrificed so often. The two together is a perfect match and one that I was so excited to see!

When I saw this released online, I was so incredibly excited. As I browsed the items, I saw the unfortunate truth: most things were sold out. However, my mom was able to snag one of the adorable makeup bags today and I couldn’t be more thrilled.


IMG_3060IMG_3079 IMG_3066

We know that I hoard all sorts of cosmetic bags (other favorites: Pamela Barsky, Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff) so another one to add to my collection was 100% fine by me.

I must also note – completely unsponsored by LeSportac – I must say that LeSportsac has been doing absolutely amazing things lately. I’ve always been a fan of the brand throughout the years, as their products are unparalleled in quality and functionality, but recently they have been stepping up their game! My mom subscribes to the e-mails from the brand and they have constantly been sending out blasts about all sorts of cool collaborations.

Definitely be on the lookout for more LeSportsac on The Fashion Newcomer – I’m doing some traveling this summer and like I said, LeSportsac is my go to for packing various things. I see a carry on essentials post in the near future!

Also – stay tuned – there will be a post up on Saturday as part of a link-up with a few other bloggers!

xoxo, Jamie
*Let’s ignore the fact that the lighting in some of my photos is a little off.
**Disclaimer: Not all photos are mine, some taken from LeSportsac.

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