Newcomer in NYC: Gramercy Theatre & More

What a weekend!

For those who don’t know, my favorite movie of ALL time is School of Rock (mentioned once before here!) and I also love Broadway shows (again, mentioned here). When I found out (about two years ago) these two things were being combined into one, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe that my favorite movie was coming to life on stage. For those who have some sort of interest in the theater world, then the name Andrew Lloyd Weber probably means something to you – know that he did all the music for this show – how amazing is that?

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The show I saw today was a preview of the preview – a sneak peek early look at the show! Andrew Lloyd Weber and the rest of the crew decided that a great way to work on the show would be to do it in front of a full audience. The show doesn’t start in actual previews until November 2 at the Winter Garden theater. Today we saw it at the Gramercy Theatre, which is an intimate location far away from the immense crowds of Times Square. Andrew Lloyd Weber and the director of the show, Laurence Connor, both came out before the show started to explain this experiment. It was so cool to hear stuff about the show directly from them.

Even with this being a preview of a preview, it was AMAZING. The cast actually did the whole show, just with minimal sets, props, and technology. Despite this, it was still absolutely incredible and I am so so so excited to see it again later this year when it officially opens. I was laughing throughout the whole show and singing along, which was awesome. I’ve seen many Broadway shows, and even without this being fully ready yet, I still think it is better than some of the big Broadway productions I have seen!!

Seriously: add this musical to your list – you will not want to miss it.

Right near the theatre is a Baked by Melissa, which is another favorite of mine! I had to stop. Here’s me in my natural habitat:

After the show we went out to dinner a few blocks away at Florian NYC, which was super cute inside, as seen below:

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Look at that pineapple on the floor! So cute.

We were right near Union Square and decided to walk over there. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we wanted to take advantage of it! There was a cute little farmers market set up that reminded me of the holiday market I went to last year!


As we rounded the corner, we stumbled upon Flying Tiger, a store that opened about two and a half weeks ago. For anyone obsessed with the marketplace at Ikea, this is a place for you. Basically, it’s just various things – notepads, home decor, office supplies – the list goes on and on – at amazing price points. I don’t think there was anything over $10. This is the first Flying Tiger in the United States – it originated in Copehagen and is apparently all over Europe.

IMG_9875 IMG_9890 IMG_9874The store was so adorable – it’s basically a maze in which you are directed in one way so you have to look at all the products. I will definitely be coming back once I have a finalized “decor scheme” for my dorm room – I’ll stock up on cute little items to put around the room!

So… let’s hear it: what is the best show you’ve ever seen? Next on my list is the classic Jersey Boys!

And one last thing: I’m working on a huge blogger collaboration! If you received an e-mail from em last week, then you’re all set. If you didn’t and want to join in, send me an e-mail at and I’ll send over the details!

xoxo, Jamie

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2 Responses to Newcomer in NYC: Gramercy Theatre & More

  1. Nicole says:

    Sounds like such a fun day! I’m definitely adding that musical to my list. And Flying Tiger looks amazing, I will 100% be stopping there next time I’m in the city. Also, I LOVED Jersey Boys, I highly recommend it!! XO, Nicole

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      You definitely have to go (to both School of Rock and Flying Tiger!!). So glad you would recommend Jersey Boys – makes me even more excited to hopefully go see it! Thanks for commenting! xoxo

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