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Who says January 1 is the only time to make resolutions? Us bloggers are turning the tables around and creating goals for this summer in this edition of Bloggers Discuss. I did a post earlier in this “series” surveying bloggers on Haute Couture. Getting opinions from different bloggers was an incredible way to think outside the box!

I knew I wanted to kick-off the summer with another Bloggers Discuss, and at the time, I was simultaneously thinking about what goals I wanted to achieve on The Fashion Newcomer throughout this new season. So many bloggers (myself included) have noted that with school out of the way, there is way more time to blog. What better way to hold ourselves to the things we want to achieve than by writing them down? And what better way to fully maintain them by grabbing the support of other bloggers?

I e-mailed a bunch of different bloggers and below are the responses I got. In my intial e-mail, I asked each blogger to submit one goal, however, I noted that if there were more things they wanted to accomplish, they should put up an extended list on their own respective websites! A * next to a bloggers’ name indicates there is more on their blog – so simply click on the link located right next to their name to see what else to expect from these girls in the future. So, think of this also as a massive link-up!

I am so excited for an incredible summer both in and out of the blogsphere. I have a few goals I want to achieve at the most basic level…

  • Be more engaging on Twitter and Instagram! I am so hot and cold with social media. I’ll post consistently for a few days and then drop off the face of the earth. This summer I plan to make a huge effort to up my game!
  • At least two posts a week – and more if I feel like it!
  • Properly blogging about my summer traveling AND dorm room preparations (get ready for lots and lots of decor options!)
  • Doing lots more collaborations with bloggers (I have so many ideas, so get excited!)

TGy5-vA7_400x400“One of my biggest blogging goals for the Summer is to keep quality over quantity. It’s easy for bloggers to just do easy little posts, add a few links, and hit publish. My blog and I fell into that last Summer, and let me just say.. once you start with those smaller, faster posts, it’s hard to get off of them, and into actual high quality content. I’m just hoping and praying that this year I don’t fall into that slump again, and that I put time, thought, and a whole bunch of effort into all of my posts.” -Cathleen Slagle*, Classy Cathleen 

2UM1xDNn_400x400“I would really like to grow my Instagram. I don’t post on it too often and the quality of my pictures aren’t too great, so I would like to post more and take better pictures. Growing my Instagram will allow readers to see what my life is like outside of the blog!” -Ashley Mason*, Private School Prepster

6nCj_r2p_400x400“My major goal for my blog is to be more consistent with my posting, because Ive become very sporadic with it. I’ll post 5 days in a row and then not post for 3 and it makes me an unreliable poster for my readers. I’d also like to work on the quality of my posts, maybe include more writing/opinionated pieces in addition to outfits and such.” -Meg Rule*, The Audacious Queen

SUXjS5PA_400x400“This summer, I hope to be more consistent, but still keep quality over quantity. Even though summer means there’s more time, sometimes that’s not as much time as I think! And while working when I’m not by a computer, another goal is to post more on instagram too since it’s my favorite social media!” Stephanie, Petite Pastels

BBYXiGRU_400x400“At skyscrapers & palm trees, one of our goals this summer is to increase our traffic on Instagram. While we’ve always been active since we started our blog, we’ve recently made a conscious effort to post more often and leave genuine comments as compliments never go out of style. It’s all about putting the social back in social media, something that is so easily forgotten when you’re only focused on keeping track of your likes and followers. If you’re not connecting, then it’s not social media, it’s just media which is great but defeats the purpose of Instagram. This summer, we’re hoping to focus on the social aspect by interacting with fellow bloggers and readers, potential or not. At the end of the day, it’s all in good fun and that’s what the summer is all about.” Alex and Jen*, Skyscrapers & Palm Trees

meg_zpsbeff7548“One of my blogging goals is to try out some new types of posts and provide more of a variety for my readers.” Meg, A Sunny State of Mind 

FMDRLlsk_400x400“This summer I am focusing on commenting on other blogs more. It is something that doesn’t take that much time, but I know it makes my day when I get a nice comment on one of my posts! I want to make sure other people get genuine comments too, and it also does drive a little traffic back to my blog so it benefits everyone!” -Scarlett*, The Trendy Chick


“My big goal for blogging this summer is to post more outfit posts.  I used to all the time, but really just haven’t had time to do it and I think summer would be the perfect opportunity to start up again.  I may or my not post a list, since I really only have the one goal as of right now!” Hunter, Prep on a Budget

z_YM-0pi_400x400This summer, my goal for my blog is to develop and execute a schedule of posts, including more in-depth culture pieces and outfit shoots. During the school year, maintaining a schedule of posts and getting everything done is hard, but with the extra free time I’m hoping I will be able to achieve my goal.” -Emma*, Alkaline + Chrome

aM_umWik_400x400“My goal this summer is to post two outfit posts a week!” Connie, Prep Northwest

0kYT0_Z6_400x400“So my first goal is to post consistently. I want to make a strict schedule and stick with it, because once it is summer, I have no reason to not keep up with it. And within that schedule, I would like to make certain categories of posts for certain days: i.e. Link sharing on Fridays, outfit posts on Wednesdays and more editorial posts on Sundays (or something like that).” Nicole*, Empire Styles 

IMG_0529“I believe that setting goals is very important, it gives me a sense of empowerment and purpose. When I started blogging I didn’t set any goals for myself, other than to just enjoy it. As I have become more and more involved in my writing as well as my own little corner of the internet, I realized that I had to set goals for myself or I might start to lose the passion I have for blogging (which I don’t want to happen). I have so many goals, but the most important one (and the one I’m focused on the most) is to always be myself. It’s so easily to turn into someone you’re not when you’re on the Internet. There are so many amazing bloggers out there and it’s hard to not want to be just like them but you have to remember that you aren’t them, you’re you, and you have to be yourself – whether that means you’re super girly, serious, joking, or whatever fits you. This goal is continuing and I will never “complete” it but I will always be happy with my blog as long as I am always myself.” Rachel Martin*, “Seashells and Sparkles

n1cg4oYy_400x400“I’d like to try planning most of my posts in advance from now on. It’s something I’ve been doing lately that has been working pretty well! In the past, I used to just improvise and come up with an idea on the spot, but I’ve found that the quality of posts can easily improve by planning ahead.”  Brooke Safferman, The Pink Lyme

cfGUg1S9_400x400“My goal for this summer is to post consistently but really focus on quality. I also want to put out more creative blog posts. Finally, I really want to work on my social media.” Carrie Carlisle, Carrie On Blogs


“One of my goals for the summer is to remain consistent on Instagram and on my blog this summer! Also just doing more outfit posts in general!” Kate*, A Sprinkle of Kate 


If you were not featured in this post but would like to be on the “mailing list” for future collaborations, send me your e-mail and I’ll make sure you stay up to date!

Make sure to click through the link-up to see all the other girls! If you weren’t featured in this post but have some goals, feel free to link-up with us – I’d love to get some more inspiration!

xoxo, Jamie

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8 Responses to Bloggers Discuss: Summer Blogging Goals

  1. Sydney says:

    This was a great post, with lots of advice from some lovely ladies. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Jamie!! Thanks again for hosting another great Bloggers Discuss! I love all of your goals and can’t wait to see more posts & collaborations from TFN this summer :) XOXO, Nicole

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Thank you so much for participating Nicole!! I am so glad you liked the post. So excited for the upcoming Summer – can’t wait to work with you more! xoxo

  3. Brooke says:

    This was so much fun, Jamie!! I loved both participating & seeing what others had to say! <3

    xoxo, Brooke ( )

  4. Diana says:

    Great goals! I hope you reach them.

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