Love Letter to Blogging

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When Nicole reached out and told me she was re-launching her blog with a day celebrating   blogging by writing love letters, I was thrilled. First of all, I am so glad Nicole is re-launching Empire Styles, and second, it’s about time we all took the time to appreciate blogging and the greatness it has brought in our lives. (Because after all, why would you be blogging if it wasn’t a positive force in your life?)

For me, I wanted to structure this more as a thank you note to blogging. I love blogging because of all it has done for me – and I want to thank the overall idea of being able to use the internet to express personal thoughts and make connections.

I thank blogging for… giving me a chance to always be creative despite what was going on in my very academic and dry subjects in high school.

I thank blogging for… teaching me to broaden how I use the internet, and that HTML is so important (learning it would be a useful skill going forward!).

I thank blogging for… connecting me to so many amazing people. Bloggers are all linked by the commonality of having a “corner of the internet” – and that thing alone creates such a strong bond, which is incredible.

I thank blogging for… giving me an outlet to write and as a result, for pushing me to write as consistently as possible.

I thank blogging for… letting me vent, on more than several occasions.

I thank blogging for … giving me the chance to work on amazing collaborations! The Bloggers Discuss posts have been some of my favorite to do. Contacting other bloggers and really getting to know their opinions is such a great thing. To some, blogging can seem one-sided and lonely, but working with other bloggers on posts like that erases that stigma entirely.

I thank blogging for… introducing me to many new companies and brands with great missions and ideas. As a fairly new and unexposed blogger, I don’t do that many partnerships with brands. When I do, I get to work with truly cool brands that value my opinion – an awesome acknowledgement that my blog is thriving (in some capacity).

And there you have it! Short and sweet. I truly love blogging and am so glad Nicole came up with this great idea to take a second to appreciate this hobby we all have in common!

xoxo, Jamie

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  1. Nicole says:

    Yay!! I love how you made this into a thank you note. Totally agree with everything you said– there are just so many great things about blogging :) SO glad you were able to participate in my relaunch. Thanks for everything Jamie! XO, Nicole

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