What Non-Bloggers Don’t Get About Blogging

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When Scarlett reached out about finally breaking down the barrier of the discrepancy between non-bloggers and bloggers in everyday situations, I was all about it. The honest truth is that non-bloggers don’t really get the full extent of what blogging is – at least, that is, the non-bloggers that I have encountered. I can guarantee there are people reading this post right now that I know from high school – they of course have been very cordial and supportive, but in the same token, just don’t understand why I maintain this website or understand half the things I do on it.

Granted, I don’t expect them to understand at all — it really doesn’t bother me! But every once and awhile, it is cool to bond with other bloggers over this whole debacle, thus, Scarlett’s link-up and the creation of this blog post!

Here are just a few of the things non-bloggers don’t get about blogging (and the social media surrounding blogging):

“Wait, can I take a picture of that? For my blog Instagram?” – Am I the only one who has such a hard time uttering those exact questions to my non-blogging friends? Seriously! There have been so many situations in which I’ve seen a perfect thing for my blog instagram – but taking a second to stop and get a picture of it is such a hassle when everyone else around is simply not paying attention to which surroundings are and aren’t instagram-able. I know this is pathetic (believe me!), but it is true.

When do you have the time to blog? – This is a question I am on the receiving end of. It’s not like I have a super packed schedule and I am a superhero for having the time to blog – that is not the case at all. It’s just that the idea of blogging to people who don’t blog seems super time consuming and just all around intensive. Throughout the school year, a few people inquired about the balancing act. The truth is: you make time for what you like. The word “busy” is just a fake excuse (that we all use, including myself). Busy doesn’t exist. If you want to do something, then you can get it done, no matter what constraints lay on you.

I do not want to hear you read back to me words I wrote. – Please. Please. PLEASE do not read back to me words I have written. I find that my writing style fluctuates for academic assignments and this blog, and sometimes the things I write on The Fashion Newcomer come off slightly aloof and naive. I guess that is slightly on purpose, given that I normally don’t write like that, but because of this added tone, I refuse to hear my own words read back to me.

As to what I wish they understood….

Blogging is a career – If it was up to me, I would have everyone read this. Chiara Ferragini makes millions off her blog – so yes, it is possible to blog as a job. No, that is not my goal at the moment (and will never be), but seriously – blogging is legit.

Brands value bloggers – Brands utilize bloggers in many ways. They gauge interest through bloggers, advertise through bloggers, and reach unique niches of people through bloggers. Old Navy, Vineyard Vines, Kate Spade…. the list goes on and on. Chances are, if you think of a brand, they have partnered with a blogger in some capacity to garner attention and support. Cool, huh?

Starting a blog is easy. Maintaining it is not. – I’ve had a few friends casually drop into conversation that they would love to start a blog. Most have never gone through with it because I think deep down, they understand that starting is easy, but continuing is hard. They know that my blog has come a long (long, long, long) way. I encourage everyone who wants a blog to start one, but know that it’s more work than you might think.

And that’s it! Thanks to Scarlett for hosting this awesome link-up.

xoxo, Jamie

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4 Responses to What Non-Bloggers Don’t Get About Blogging

  1. Elle says:

    Loved this post! Everything was so true, especially the blogging is a career part.


  2. Sydney says:

    I can’t tell you how many times, I’m out with friends and see something Insta-worthy!!

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