LeSportsac Love: Beach Bag Edition


Guys. Just when you thought I couldn’t love LeSportsac anymore (see this post and this post), I’ve found something else to obsess over: the Beach Collection prints.

I’ll save you the whole spiel on how LeSportsac is my go-to travel brand because I’ve already written it for you here. Seriously though – quality, fashion, and durability all rolled into one is something that isn’t hard to get behind! I’m partnering with LeSportsac this summer to showcase how to travel in style without compromising your needs (the #1 thing being ample space for all your stuff, am I right?!).

Today is the first post in the series with a look into my beach bag. Look out for more travel posts featuring lots of LeSportsac love. Honestly, I don’t know how I would efficiently travel without LeSportsac products in my life!

One last thing – please be patient with me when it comes to graphics/images on my blog. I try super hard to use solely my own images or images I am allowed to use grabbed from other websites and as a result, I’ve been tinkering around with photography. While I do, I don’t want my blog to be at a standstill, so I’m using said images even if the lighting is a little off. Here there are some blue hues in the back, but at least we are starting with a clean and solid background, right?

IMG_3152Obviously, these items are self-explanatory so yet again I will save you from a big spiel. However, there are a few products I have to highlight:

Nourish Snacks – If you haven’t heard about these by now, it is quite possible you live under a rock. If you’re a blogger, you’ve seen them deemed the favorite snack of the likes of Hallie Wilson, Jessica Sturdy, and Mackenzie Horan. If you’re not a blogger, then you’ve spotted them in their recent Starbucks debut! I love the concept of the brand and think it would make such a great beach snack because of the portion control! Often at the beach the only option for food is food trucks, food stands, or the ice-cream man. While all are substantial options, they don’t make for a healthy choice. Prevent yourself from eating junk by picking up some of these packs – they are all 200 calories or less and the little pouches make for easy transportation and an easy fit into your beach bag.

Wristlet –  You might’ve seen the wristlet and thought: why do you need another bag for inside your beach bag? Although maybe it is overkill, I always like to have a smaller wristlet with me incase I won’t be needing all the stuff in my beach bag – just a phone, some money, and maybe my headphones. You never know when you’re going to want to get up and take a nice leisurely walk along the beach – but you definitely don’t want to be without the necessities. This is the perfect way to always have what you need without always carrying everything. LeSportsac also makes some great wristlets/small bags; my favorites is this cute Smartphone Carrier.

IMG_3177 IMG_3179I typically always have some sort of a makeup bag tucked inside my beach bag. Although I will the first to admit I don’t think anyone needs to look glamorous at the beach, it is always good to have the essentials. The products featured in that bag are tried and true favorites, most of which were previously written up here. However, I will note the new addition of the Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer.

I think a tinted moisturizer, as opposed to a full on foundation, is a must have for the beach. One with SPF in it is also a necessity. This product is light yet still has enough coverage that I don’t feel insecure about the way my skin looks.

IMG_3193The best part about these beach bags? They are reversible. Each bag you buy is two bags in one! How cool is that? I love that I can just flip the bag inside-out to get a whole new look. Above is a picture of the Bali Reversible, which is such a fun option for this summer. The next two prints below are the other prints that go together on the Small Reversible Beach Tote. I absolutely love all four prints and am thrilled that in purchasing one bag, I get another one at the same time. Although I’m not usually one to care about matching my outfits while at the beach, this lets me do it without it being an added hassle.

IMG_3199 IMG_3209 IMG_3215Most bloggers know that Lilly Pulitzer has “Find the Lilly” – they hide the brand name in their prints on almost all of their products. LeSportsac does something similar as you can see in the pictures above.

Long story short: I am more obsessed with LeSportsac than I ever thought possible. They have made beach style/travel so easy – and I am forever grateful!

Stay tuned for more posts including these items as I travel on throughout the summer. I’m excited to share those posts with you all!

xoxo, Jamie

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OTHER LESPORTSAC FAVORITES: The Boroughs Collection, Rifle Paper Co. Collection

*products c/o of LeSportsac but all opinions are my own. I never write about brands on The Fashion Newcomer that I do not fully back and love!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Coming off a beach vacation, I love this post! We basically have the same beach bag essentials, but I have been struggling to find an actual beach bag I like. I will definitely look into getting a Lesportsac before my next beach trip! XO, Nicole

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