Must Haves for College: Guest Post by Laura Eley


Hi all! Today’s post is a guest post from a fellow Her Campus High School Ambassador, Laura Eley. Laura is sharing some must haves for those heading off to college in the fall. I totally agree that Her Campus is a great tool – I’ve found some amazing pre-college documents, etc. on there!

Congratulations on your graduation ! You did it. You survived the essays, tests, quizzes, drama, and of course staying up until 4am to finish a history project you were probably given two weeks before that date.


It is a great accomplishment, but now you are about to embark on a journey that will change the rest of your life. You are going to college!  Prepare for the all night study sessions, the ramen buffets, and the parties that will end all parties. To help you on your journey here are my  Must Haves for being an incoming freshmen.

  1. Open Mind:  You’re starting something new. Be optimistic and open your mind to the different possibilities and opportunities. If you remain guarded you won’t get the experience you want. Now I am not saying throw your morals out the window, but don’t be afraid to live a little. You’re 18, go have the time of your life….responsibly.
  2.  Confidence:  Confidence is usually considered as the belief that you are comfortable with yourself in the physical sense, but the confidence I am talking about is something that you have to have in college.  Yes, confidence in the physical sense is a great trait in college, but confidence in your opinion and thoughts is something much greater. In college, you need to have the strength to make your own decisions. Remember, “The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence.”
  3. Inquisitiveness:  Funny word. But really all jokes aside you are going to college to learn. So make the best of it, ask the questions you really want to answer. Learn about all the things that make you happy and most importantly, take your education seriously. Your parents are not taking out loans and giving thousands of dollars to your school so you can skip class and party. Be inquisitive and do your best!
  4. Mattress Pad: Yep, I threw you a curveball. You NEED a mattress pad. You will be spending so much time on your bed and everyone knows that dorm beds are not ideal when it comes to sleeping or lounging or studying or basically anything. So get a mattress pad! Not only will it make you bed so much more comfortable but also it will make your dorm a little more homey. Don’t be afraid to shell out top dollar because you comfort is worth it.

Again, Congratulations and Good Luck on your journey!

Here are some college links to check out that have helped me on my journey as an incoming fresh-woman:

Writer’s Bio: I am Laura Eley, a rising freshman at the illustrious Spelman College. I am an English major with the dream of being a sports and entertainment journalist. I love Netflix, Pinterest, and online shopping.  As well as the Cleveland Cavaliers!!!!!

Thank you Laura for this post!
xoxo, Jamie

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