Blogger Superlatives: Bloggers Helping Bloggers Edition

Before this post starts… I’m hosting a Twitter Chat (my first ever!) with two of the girls mentioned below tonight. Here are the details, more to be released on Twitter throughout the day!

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For those of you who are knee deep in the blogging world, then about a week or two ago, you probably saw some very positive and uplifting posts from all the girls mentioned below. I was in the city (read here) and then away so time completely got away from me – but I’m here to finally contribute my share and to tell you guys about an amazing group of bloggers!

A while back, I did a blog post called Blogger Superlatives (read here) and wanted to do the same type post for this collaboration. So without further ado…

Megan of The Audacious Queen: Most Consistent

EfxEeFet_400x400Megan is the mastermind behind this whole link-up! I love how she decided to inject more positivity in a world where image is literally everything. Bloggers like to portray themselves in a certain light – one that could be far from the truth – so opening up the blogosphere to honest and genuine behavior is important. For those who don’t know, Megan and I actually go way back – we met at mutual friends’ birthday party years ago and we live in the same city. It’s so cool to have another blogger nearby, and at that, another blogger who is so consistent in not only her posting schedule, but her style aesthetic as well. Meg is preppy, but her outfits are well crafted in that they are very different from what a lot of the other preppy niche bloggers post. I love seeing her daily outfits or even reading her more in depth posts – all come from her own unique and original point of view. 

Nicole of Empire Styles: Not Just A Pretty Layout

yGBr-FDh_400x400Empire Styles was just redesigned – and is absolutely spectacular on its “exterior” aesthetic! But Nicole’s blog is more than just the front page design – it chock full of thoughtful and inquisitive writing that I am always looking forward to reading. Recently, Nicole published her junior year reflection, which was a wonderful look at what is arguably the toughest year of high school. Having gone through it myself, I thought her insight was so accurate and complete! Nicole has quickly become an a great blogger friend as well – we have a ton in common and love discussing everything from overpriced (albeit beautiful) Kate Spade stationery to travel plans. 

Cathleen of Classy Cathleen: Most Candid

dp0vKROa_400x400Reading Cathleen’s blog feels like looking into her brain – that is how real and candid she is on her website (something I think everyone should strive to do!). She shares everything she is interested in, from State Parks in her hometown of South Carolina to recipes she loves. Cathleen is also the resident Pinterest Queen of the group, and her blog and social media reflect her amazing ability to navigate that website like a pro (Pinterest still confuses me every single time I log on). Cathleen is also a good blogger friend of mine – we have like-minded viewpoints on a lot of blogger behaviors! All In all, it is obvious that Cathleen’s aesthetic is herself, something that is so important in today’s world. 

Emma of Alkaline + Chrome: Most Knowledgable

z_YM-0pi_400x400Emma delves deep into the fashion world – something a lot of bloggers pretend to do by scratching the surface but without actually knowing real insider information. Emma is truly interested in the inner workings of the world of haute couture, which I really value. So many fashion bloggers neglect to directly mention the very industry that allows them to exist at all, so I praise Emma for her sharp expertise and original viewpoint! Emma also orchestrates some amazing link-ups and collaborations. Recently, she did the A+C Summer Bash which was a huge success, and is currently working on a Blogger Book Club project I’m thrilled about. 

Angelica of Angelica Prendez: Best Varied Content 

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.33.46 AMI am new to Alicia’s blog but I will definitely add it to my list of sites I frequent weekly (if not daily!). She has some great ideas and what I love the most is how eye-catching her website is when you first click on it. Seriously, so cool – her articles are set up in boxes which is such a cool and different layout I’ve never seen before. This breath of fresh air is so welcome in a world where content is passed around and copied all the time! I love the fact that her content is very varied; she does photoshoots, zucchini facial rubs, the list goes on and on. She also details so many fashion events, which is great for the rest of us who don’t get a chance to get out to those cool happenings. 

Alyssa of Running Alyssa: Most Inspiring 

55Zj4fYh_400x400Alyssa’s blog is centered around the fact that she is a fashionable athlete – you may have guessed it already, but her sport of choice is track. As the most non-athletic person I know, I need to read blogs like Alyssa’s to stay motivated to work out and stay in shape! Although I’m definitely new to her site, I will definitely be adding it to my daily blogroll. Her determination to keep going is something everyone can learn from! I can’t wait to see what else she shares in the future because she has so many inspirational words. 

Jenni of The Beautiful Fool: Most Adventurous

PWBBK4u1_400x400That’s right: Jenni of The Beautiful Fool, not The Beautiful Little Fools! Jenni just recently decided to rebrand, which is an extremely hard task to undertake in the blogging world. Although adventurous might suggest backpacking through uncharted territory or exploring crazy places, in the blogging world, it means taking the plunge to do something totally new and different and deviate from your previous site. Although Jenni is definitely carrying over her theme and aesthetic, I applaud her on being able to start something new! Jenni is also going to embark on an awesome study abroad opportunity in Germany, which again is adventurous. I can’t wait to read all about what she is doing while abroad!

I loved working with these girls! I am so appreciative to be able to connect with other bloggers who are not only talented when it comes to writing and photography, but also so kind in embracing others and sharing compliments. They were are so incredibly sweet and deserve so much more praise than just this one post – make sure to check out their blogs and follow them on social media!

Any other bloggers who deserve a superlative? Feel free to share! And if you’re interested in joining #BloggersHelpingBloggers, e-mail Megan!

xoxo, Jamie

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