#BloggerBlab Recap Number 1

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Wednesday night on Twitter was honestly like one huge party – all thanks to #BloggerBlab, a Twitter chat that Cathleen, Nicole, and I threw together in literally 24 hours. Thank you to everyone who participated – we were so amazed by the amount of positive support!

Some background: the idea to do a Twitter Chat came on Tuesday night when we found out #ChicChat was cancelled. We didn’t have a name or a topic, so we realized we had to move our chat to Wednesday instead of just trying to replace the #ChicChat time slot. We had a huge brainstorming session about topics (we settled on this random assortment of organizational topics, which is a no-brainer unanimous blogger love) and at the end decided on the name Blogger Blab, which we agreed was fun way to generalize these kind of conversations!

Cathleen, Nicole, and I all wanted to do “recap” posts after the chat, but I don’t think any of us could’ve predicted how much material (tweets) we would have to sift through! I was expected 10-15 people participating, and the actual number was somewhere closer to 30+, which is insane!

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 9.52.15 PMAbove is what my Twitter page looked like last night – I’ve never hit 99+ notifications EVER so that was so incredibly cool.

What I loved most about this chat was although it was fairly unorganized, that became conducive to some great side conversations and blogger friendships formed! We had planned out a line of questioning until 9:30 but kept it flexible going forward and let the natural discussion hold until it died out, which was around 10:00. Going forward, we’ll definitely be sure to label questions Q1, etc. to prevent mass confusion, but otherwise, we love how it turned out.

There were so many hilarious/insightful/amazing/exciting tweets throughout the night, but these are just a few of my favorites (and know that if you’re not here, it’s probably just because it was too hard for me to go back through my Twitter looking for the tweets ):

Ashlee from Preperella was so spot on with this because we literally were all gushing about our maxxinista status! Everyone seemed to share a mutual love to TJ Maxx – whether it be the overall great deals or the stationery section, this was a great commonality that bonded us all pretty early on.

I loved how down to earth and casual this whole chat was! One of the best parts of the night was when Ruth, of Really Truly Ruth, tweeted out about one of her tweets showing up in Indonesian. Cathleen, Nicole, and I were cracking up! The ability to be 100% real and not “professional” made this a great night.

We LOVED hearing stuff like this. We also were so thrilled that we had a ton of girls participating who said they were fairly new to blogging or to Twitter Chats. It was great to see a lot of fresh faces and now I have a ton of new blogs to read – something I always enjoy!

I thoughts was hilarious. No explanation beyond that needed, right?

Nicole was spot on with this – as bloggers, we obviously have some of the same obsessions and this tweet pretty much sums up all of that.

Here’s the quick caveat on this whole thing: we never planned on this being a weekly thing – at the end of the night, so many people said they were looking forward to next week and while we were so excited to hear that, we aren’t quite sure what the schedule will be in terms of how often the chat will be. However, there might another one super soon pioneered by just Nicole and Cathleen… but I’ll leave the two of them to release the details on that :)

What did you think?

xoxo, Jamie

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10 Responses to #BloggerBlab Recap Number 1

  1. Sydney says:

    The chat was sooo much fun, I love talking to other bloggers! From TJMaax all the way to organization, we covered a lot of topics:)
    xo, Syd

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      I’m so glad that you liked it Syd!! TJ Maxx is the best, haha. Thanks for leaving a comment! xoxo

  2. Jazmine says:

    It was such a fun night!! There were 2 other twitter chats that same night, I am so happy I chose #BloggerBlab. I loved that it wasn’t “professional”. I think going completely off topic and ditching the questions is what made it genuine and fun. I loved it and I can’t wait for the next one.

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      We are SO happy that you chose #BloggerBlab!! Thank you so much for this comment, it made my night. I can’t wait for the next one too! xoxo

  3. I loved participating in the Blogger Blab! Such a great time :)

  4. Nicole says:

    So glad we pulled everything together and co-hosted this with Cathleen. SO much fun!!!! XO, Nicole

  5. Ruth S. says:

    Finally got the chance to go on Bloglovin’ for the first time in weeks! I LOVE this post and I LOVED #BloggerBlab. It was phenomenal! You didn’t have to be super uptight and formal; you were just having a normal group convo with other bloggers! It was such a fun way to connect. Hoping we do it again this week!

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Thank you SO much Ruth – you are the best! I’m so glad you liked the casual nature of the chat- Nicole, Cathleen, and I actually all agreed that you helped set the tone and we are so thankful for that! I am so glad you participated and we can’t wait to have you at the next one :)

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