Back to School Buys 2015 #BloggersBTS

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To other bloggers: do you ever start to write a post that you know you have to preface with multiple things? Not necessarily disclaimers, just general information that needs to precede the post? Well, if you catch my drift (or even if you don’t), buckle up, because I have some things to get out of the way (and a list formation was my best bet here)!

1. This post is part of an amazing link-up curated by Nicole of Empire Styles and Cathleen of Classy Cathleen. These two girls are some of my best blogger friends and I was so thrilled when I heard about this amazing collaboration they are orchestrating for the WHOLE month of August. Here’s the deal: it’s entitled Bloggers go Back to School (#BloggersBTS) and every week of the month, there is a theme that relates in some way to Back to School. If you are just hearing about this now and want to join: you can 100% jump in! E-mail Nicole ( and Cathleen ( and they would be happy to get you situated! Anyways, the official start date was August 3rd, but the great part of the link-up is that for each week’s topic, you can post any time throughout the week – thus here I am on Wednesday talking about fashion!

2. I am going to try to participate in this link-up every week, so just know there should be a lot of back to school content coming your way! Again, a huge thanks goes out to Cathleen and Nicole for organizing this incredible link-up.

3. I did a post similar to this last year with the same post title (read here) – perhaps this could turn into some sort of a yearly feature for The Fashion Newcomer!

Phew. The pre-post info is done, and now we can dive into it…

I don’t know if it’s just me, but when it comes to back to school, there is never just one day I deem as my “Back to School Shopping Trip”. I typically shop around and end up accumulating a decent amount of stuff, none of which I necessary deem to be strictly back to school items – but having new things before the year is always a fun way to start off.

Although I promised not to delve into the #NSale hype, I did happen to go to Nordstrom while they sale was in full force – as a result, I purchased a few things (some on sale, others not at all – that’s the gimmick on the NSale, of course!). Anyways, here are some of my favorite back to school picks (some I deliberately bought for the school year and others I just have accumulated in the past few weeks and already love!)…

Back to School Buys 2015

Back to School Buys 2015 by thefashionnewcomer

White Converse  // Let me take you back to the glory days of middle school, where I wore Converse for gym class – that’s right: I wore Converse as a replacement for real sneakers. Obviously, that was not the smartest decision on my part, but now I’ll be rocking plain white converse as a more sporty shoe that’s not full on sneaker. I got these to replace my Supergas, which simply just don’t fit anymore. From my first impression, they seem a lot more comfortable than Supergas which is definitely an added plus in my book!

Free People Bralettes // Free People Bralettes are my latest obsession – they are so comfortable and so cool when you wear shirts that show them off from the side or the back. For Free People and bras in general, I think they are reasonably priced – definitely worth looking into to add to your back to school wardrobe!

Sub_Urban Riot Clothing // Sub_Urban Riot is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands when it comes to fun tees to lounge around in. The brand has a ton of items with witty sayings on them – definitely head over to their website to check out their selection. One of their items is the now hot-commodity “Kale” sweatshirt and t-shirt. Although I haven’t purchased that yet, I have two other tanks from the brand that I absolutely love and wear all the time!

Naked Palette (Smoky)  // Although I already owned the three previously released Naked Palettes, I fell in love with the new one and purchased it to take up to college. The color collection is absolutely beautiful and I know it will definitely serve me well – I’ll get a ton of use out of it.

LeSportsac Backpack // When it comes to Back to School Shopping, a backpack is a necessity. Although some people prefer a tote bag to carry their school supplies, I’ve always been a fan of the backpack. There are so many options out there, but as we know, I’m a loyal LeSportsac fan when it comes to not compromising style for function. Definitely check out their selection to find one for the upcoming school year!

What are your back to school buys?

xoxo, Jamie


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6 Responses to Back to School Buys 2015 #BloggersBTS

  1. Sydney says:

    I love Free People bralettes, I always have to refrain myself from buying too many!!
    xo, Syd

  2. Emily says:

    I seriously wear my white Converse shoes every day. They’re so dirty! Free People bralettes are so pretty, I just don’t wear bralettes enough to justify getting a nice one, haha. I get mine at Aerie when they’re on sale!

    I can’t wait to see the rest of your #bloggersBTS posts, Jamie!

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Ah yay!! That makes me happy I bought them. And oooh – I’ll definitely check out the ones at Aerie. The FP ones do add up in $$ over time so it’s nice to know there is an alternative! xoxo

  3. Nicole says:

    JAMIE! This is the perfect list. I am obsessed with Free People bralettes right now. I will 100% be picking up one (or more?) before school starts. All your picks are spot on. Thank you sososo much for joining us for #BloggersBTS! XO, Nicole

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