#BloggerBlab Recap 2

This past Wednesday, there was another #BloggerBlab hosted by myself, Nicole, and Cathleen. Well, truly, really just Nicole and Cathleen. The two of them are amazing and I am so lucky to have them as blog friends (and IRL friends – Nicole and I met up in person – post on that to come!). Anyways,  things have been super hectic because I’m leaving for college so soon, and Cathleen and Nicole took the reigns both this week and last week to plan out everything and make #BloggerBlab the incredible success it is! I cannot thank the two of them enough.

This week’s topic again played off of #BloggersBTS under the theme of organization. We were all so incredibly happy and impressed with the large turnout – you guys are all the best!

I’m falling asleep as I write this, so I’m just going to include some tweet highlights from the night:

Brooke is basically like the unofficial fourth host. She is hilarious and keeps #BloggerBlab lively and entertaining!

I’m also a huge Pamela Barsky fan (read here!) and having gone to school with Laura, I can testify that she was spot on with this tweet. Laura was always getting compliments on her pouch and it seemed that it fit everything!

I’ve tried color-coding before on and off, but this year I’m determined to make it work. So many bloggers during the chat said that color-coding was the way to go, so this year I’m definitely implementing this system into my overall organization.

For those who haven’t read this post, you wouldn’t know that School of Rock is my all time favorite movie. A discussion about math led to me linking a song from the movie, and Cristina’s reaction made me laugh out loud during the middle of the chat.

It’s always so cool to know that #BloggerBlab attracts so many different people from so many different places – seeing this tweet from Cristina really reinforced that in my head.

So sorry this post was short and sweet – and also, a huge apology that I didn’t get a chance to feature EVERYONE who participated. The amount of tweets sent during the chat is INCREDIBLE and combing through it all can be a little tough. Cathleen did an amazing recap with a larger variety of tweets – read that post here!

xoxo, Jamie

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