Get on a Blogging Grind (yes, you!)


I’ve been on a blogging grind lately and although I sort of hate when people write these  “how to” posts that are essentially tooting their own horns, Carrie requested it which gave me the clearance to write it. I’m no expert – I don’t even necessarily like the term “blogging grind” because it makes it sound like I’m completing a chore – which blogging certainly is not – but nevertheless, it’s important to stay on top of things in order to solidify your readers and overall personal brand. 

Basically, I leave for college in a few short weeks which is both exciting and nerve-wracking at once. As you’ll later read, I define a blogging grind as being on top of scheduling posts. I’ve been scheduling like crazy in order to get ahead before the craze of school starts. Of course, getting ahead for then starts by getting ahead right now. I am going to try my best not to become “silent” once college starts – thus, I’ve been trying to be uber productive. I’m currently writing this on August 4, if that gives you any perspective onto how far in advance I write this (by my current planning calculations, you won’t be reading this until sometime after  August 17 – call me out in the comments if I’m wrong aka my editorial calendar failed me, haha).

Also, I just want to lastly say that I know this post comes off semi-hypocritical because I’m frequently known in the blogging world for saying things like “write only when you’re inspired!” and my favorite “don’t post just to post.” However, lately I’ve been very inspired (the tips below will help you feel the same way!) and I think the content that has gone up has been a good look at consistent, high-quality posts. 

So what is a “blogging grind”? As I mentioned briefly above, I define it as being on top of having posts scheduled. Although others look at it to be simply just getting content up because of a prior dry spell, or just coming up with great ideas (without them even being drafted yet), I know I feel most productive when things are completely scheduled. Once a post is scheduled, I don’t have to touch it again – meaning it is 100% done. 

And now after that essay of an introduction…. the actual tips to getting on (and staying on) a “blogging grind”:

1. Make your own “airplane mode” and exercise self-control // I have been doing quite a bit of traveling recently, meaning time on an airplane with no wifi. When this happens, I write blog posts in the Notes app. Without access to wifi, I have no distractions and can really concentrate on writing what I want. If you’re at home, try creating your own sort of airplane mode to sit down and write!

2. Write about anything that interests you, even if it’s not your usual content // I find that so many bloggers try to write things they think will be well received. Hint: don’t write what you think people want to read – because chances are, they’ve read it before, and they aren’t excited about reading it again. Explore content opportunities that are unique and tailored to your specific interests, even if it doesn’t fit what you normally post about (I typically love reading more personal posts on other blogs!).

3. Read other blogs that have consistent quality you always look forward to reading // One way to secure motivation is to read other blogs that produce high-quality, consistent content. I always feel ready to blog when I read other websites that are publishing the best articles, photos, etc. possible. If you read blogs that are un-inspiring and inconsistent, take that feedback and make sure to not channel that same energy into your own website.

4. Quality over quantity of words // I often feel guilty when a post is short, but I simultaneously see the merits of quality over quantity. I think it is so important to not beat a topic to death – write what you need to say, then stop. That will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to write another blog post afterwards. 

5. Be realistic // If you make scheduling goals, start small. I typically don’t make any set goals so that any progress at all seems like a major accomplishment. With the school year starting, blogging consistently can be a challenge – so don’t push yourself too much. Make an goal that can actually be achieved. 

6. Join a Blogging Twitter Chat // Talking to other bloggers can really help you build your own momentum. Minimally, chat with a few other bloggers – when I talk to Nicole and Cathleen, it helps takes some of the loneliness out of blogging and motivates me to keep going. To further inspiration kicks that come from talking to other bloggers, join a Twitter Chat. #BloggerBlab was such a fun way to connected and really delve deep into blogging. Find one and really read what everyone else is saying – you’ll instantly feel more excited to blog. 

To be honest, I’m not quite sure how helpful this will be, but hopefully you got an idea or two out of it. Let me know if you use any of these tips!

xoxo, Jamie

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2 Responses to Get on a Blogging Grind (yes, you!)

  1. Cristina says:

    Love these tips! #1 is my favorite; I’ve never thought of that. You’re the best :)

  2. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for the tips! This is exactly what I needed to read.

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