Newcomer in NYC: Street Fairs & SoHo


Towards the end of the summer, my mom and I headed into SoHo with one main mission: find posters for my dorm room. Finding wall art is trickier than you would think! Of course, there’s options but posters that reflect my interests seemed to be hard to come by (although – if you are looking for some wall art – I do recommend A.I. Friedman!). My mom and I also have a tradition of going to an NYC Street Fair at least once each year, so we brought the two together to make for a fun day.

First stop: the famed Rubirosa. My mom and I actually went into the city in December with the intent of going there, but we were so hungry that we ended up stopping at a mediocre place instead. Today we knew exactly where to go, and were surprised there was no wait for a table! We ordered the tie-dye pizza because I had heard good things (it was on my NYC To Do List!), and we were not disappointed. This is seriously a must do!

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So so so good. From there, we stopped into Brandy Melville (pro tip: the one on Prince Street is so much better than the one on Broadway!) and then went in pursuit of a poster we thought would be a definite grab: Keep Calm and Eat Cronuts.

Upon getting to the Dominique Ansel Bakery, however, we were told there were no posters in stock – such a disappointment! However, one of the employees said that if we made the trek to Dominique Ansel Kitchen (his new restaurant that I am dying to try!!), they would have the posters in stock. Without questioning it, my mom and I decided to take the 15 minute walk over to the new place. It was so hot out – we were both sweating upon arrival to Dominique Ansel Kitchen.

When we got there, I saw him: the Dominique Ansel, aka my pastry idol. The cronut was just about the best bakery item I’ve ever had in my life, so spotting him in person was pretty cool.


There’s this cool little loft space above the restaurant, and there he was! Seriously so cool. Anyways, we went up to the counter – hot, sweaty, sticky – and asked about the posters that we were sent in pursuit of. The employee was confused – she said that because no cronuts are sold at that store, there wouldn’t be a reason for them to have a poster. After some back and forth, she was so incredibly nice and gave us two free DKA Pastries. OMG. You guys – I could not recommend these more. It was like a croissant but 1000 times better. Insane. Who says people in NY aren’t nice?!


Dominique Ansel Kitchen also has a cute Ice Cream window – it was closed at the time, which we believe means they sold out of ice cream – but regardless, such a fun idea.

We then made it to the Street Fair that we had intended to go to – turned out to be a little bit of a bust. It wasn’t super big and there were no posters to be found – ugh. There were a few cute jewelry options, but we ended up passing.

IMG_1329Once we walked through the fair, we decided to go check out Necessary Clothing – a longtime favorite store of mine in SoHo only to find out that it had closed and became a different store – so disappointing!

We kept walking down Broadway and hit Don’t Ask Why, a new American Eagle pop-up that Nicole mentioned to me when we met up in the city! Nicole described it as Brandy Melville but more down to earth, and I could not agree more.

IMG_1332You can actually shop Don’t Ask Why online, but if you can, I highly recommend visiting the pop-up in NYC before it closes (although the employees were hopeful the store would be able to hold out a little longer!). I’m going to hopefully write another post more about this pop-up store trend, but I seriously thought the store was so cool!

I ended up getting two pieces. The prices are definitely more expensive than Brandy, but the quality is better. And you can buy American Eagle jeans in store!

We ended up heading uptown afterwards, stopping at a Starbucks (the barista made me a free grande chai latte!! Seriously NYC was not living up to it’s mean reputation!!).

We actually ended up hitting up yet another street fair (note: just because a street fair is called The Great Irish Festival doesn’t mean it’s actually all Irish) and found a poster guy, but unfortunately there was nothing so great! He had a lot of posters featuring old TV shows and old famous figures, so nothing quite fit my interests but it was worth a look!

All in all, such a fun day. I definitely recommend heading to Dominique Ansel Kitchen (you might see the actually man behind the pastries!) and a street fair.

xoxo, Jamie

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