Adjusting to College & Dorm Room Reveal


Pictured: campus at a relatively early time on Labor Day (aka no one is awake after a night of partying ;) )

What’s so weird to me – and maybe to you (depending upon how much you care) – is that I’m writing this post in a completely new environment: my college dorm room.

I’ve been in college for officially two weeks now and although it’s a weird adjustment, overall, I’ve been loving being in a different setting and getting to meet so many people with unique interests and backgrounds.

It sounds so cliche, but it is true. The adjustment period is different for everyone – and making such a drastic move effects individuals in varying ways. It’s still weird to me that I’m here and will be here for the next four years, but for now, I’m taking it one step at a time.

With that, I wanted to do a post on blogging from college, my dorm room, and my first two weeks just to update you all.

If you remember, a few weeks back I said I would have content fully scheduled – not necessarily the case. I’ll assess the success of that attempt in a whole separate post at a later date, but for now, I thought a life update was more important.

My Dorm Room:

BedIMG_1410Bedding: PB Teen, Husband Pillow: Target, Throw Pillows: Cynthia Rowley via Home Goods, Poster: A.I. Friedman, Mini Gallery Wall: Set of Posters from Home Goods, Pennant: Mets Team Store in NYC

When it came to dorm room decor, I had a really hard time finding things to put on my wall. I knew I wanted pictures and posters, but finding the right posters proved to be extremely difficult. Finally, I stumbled upon A.I. Friedman, which had an awesome selection. I picked out the Paris poster because I loved the color in it – anything to cover up the blank walls.

I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon a pack of 8.5×11 small cardstock posters at Home Goods for $5 (maybe even less?) so I hung those up in a small gallery wall type style. I loved the look of the posters and since they came together, the automatically go together which was a huge plus.

The Mets pennant is up to remind me of my brother, who I miss so much! He’s a huge fan of the team (I am too, but not nearly as much as he is), and every time I look at it, I smile because I know that was his influence on my room!

Extra Wall Space


Wall Decor: DIY, Milk Crates: Container Store, Hamper: Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Keurig: Bed, Bath, & Beyond

If you have extra wall space (I’m so fortunate that I do!) I recommend some steel shelves. My dad picked these out (and built them – thank you!!) and they are so great for a sleek look but an extremely easy way to organize. My parents also picked out those turquoise bins – one has food and the other has plates, bags, etc. I love how they look because it makes everything look a lot less cluttered! And of course, perhaps most importantly, my coffee stash (and my cute turquoise Keurig!). Gloria Jean’s Hazelnut and Green Mountain Coffee Island Coconut are the best.


IMG_1517Laptop: Macbook in Space Grey, Laptop Skin: Amazon, Laptop Case: Kate Spade, Notepad: Knock Knock, Tumblr: Bed, Bath & Beyond, Makeup Mirror: Bed, Bath & Beyond, Mug: Home Goods, Tape Dispenser: Staples, Post-it Cube: Staples, Coffee Sign: Home Goods

This is my desk in its livable state – initially it was perhaps slightly more organized but it’s currently not a mess which is good. In college, your desk also has to function as your getting ready area – I typically try not do hard core work in my room anyways, so it’s totally fine. I use two of the drawers in the desk to store makeup and toiletries, while the other one leftover drawer holds desk supplies.

As well all know, I’m a huge fan of Knock Knock. At any given time I have one of their notepads on my desk – they are so useful and an awesome conversation starter which I love. You might also spy the candy jar on the hutch – my aunt made that! How cute is it? Below that I have two pleasure reading books – considering I haven’t even had time to really blog, I think its needless to say I haven’t had time to read either.

Overall, I have been loving college – it’s crazy to me that I’ve only been there for 2 weeks because it feels like I’ve been there for 2 months (in a good way!).

I can’t wait to do more posts on college soon, but in the mean time, just be patient with me when it comes to the content cycle with this site. I’ll eventually get into some sort of routine, but until then, posts will be sporadic (but hopefully at least once a week still!).

xoxo, Jamie

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  1. Natalia says:

    So glad you’re having a good time at college, Jamie!!! Also, I love your sign that says “Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee” :)

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