New York Fashion Night 2015


I’m hoping to make it to the point where it’ll just be assumed I’m going to every New York Fashion Week – but until then, I was extremely honored to be able to attend some events this year (calling this post New York Fashion Night instead of week because I only hopped in for one evening full of festivities!). It’s been a dream of mine to be a participant – and although I didn’t get the chance to go to any of the actual shows, the events were extremely amazing and I feel as if I’m making baby steps to the point where I can actually go to a designer presentation or shows next year!

I conquered fashion week with my blogging BFF (besides, of course, Cath) Nicole. I was so thankful to have her by my side – first, if you read this post, then you know Nicole and I are essentially the same person. Secondly, this year of NYFW wasn’t Nicole’s first rodeo – going with an experienced friend was the way to do it.

It was also just go great to be able to see Nicole again and to catch up! We weren’t sure if we wouldn’t be able to see each other again until December or January (the only time I’ll be home again from school besides Thanksgiving!) so this quick little trip was a great in between so we won’t have to go too long before another city trip with each other.

Lastly – I’m glad I got a New York City fix. I won’t be back until the day after Thanksgiving which is absolutely CRAZY to me because I typically never go that long without being in the city – but I simultaneously love my college, and know that visiting the city will be even more special when I come back after being away for a long time.

We made three stops for a Fashion Week filled evening…

Bloomingdales Vanity Bar

IMG_1578 IMG_1576 IMG_1581The Bloomingdales Vanity Bar was situated right across from Moynihan Station (where most of the shows were taking place). Nicole and I found out about it and decided to check it out, as we had some time before the event we trekked in for actually started. The Vanity Bar was surprising in that it was literally right off the street (the snapchats made it seem like it was a rooftop party).

Nicole and I joined the line and once it was our turn we listened to the whole spiel: basically, everything was free, but there was a limit on which items you could have. You could get as much food as you wanted (!!!), but could only choose one first aid and one beauty item. Under pressure, I went for the purell, hair ties, and SK II eye cream. SK II is extremely expensive and the employees said the sample would last a month so I definitely wanted that, as my mom and I have been curious about the brand for a long time.

The Vanity Bar also had an Instagram print-out station – Nicole and I never got a chance to do it, as we also didn’t get a second to grab a pic – but it was so cute. We also didn’t get a chance to stop for the quick manicures or tarot card readings, but the interactive activities made for a fun and fashionable environment that was so cool to be in.

About an hour after we left, I saw on snapchat that the Rebecca Minkoff made an appearance at the bar – I am so mad we just missed her! I love her brand and her products and would have loved to have been given the chance to meet her.

Seventeen x Essie Event at Hearst Tower

IMG_1593 (1)

IMG_1614 IMG_1596 DSC00447


Being invited to an event at Hearst Tower was absolutely INCREDIBLE. When I got the e-mail notification regarding the event, I was initially shocked at my luck: one of my favorite magazines (side note: when I was younger and wanted to work in Journalism I always pictured myself at Seventeen) teaming up with my favorite nail polish company?!

The event was everything I could’ve wished for – we were whisked up to the 44th floor of Hearst Tower (btw – the views were insanely gorgeous) and from there, joined a group of stylish and established bloggers and vloggers. Being able to interact with so many people – including Seventeen Beauty Editor Maddy Zollo (!!) and Deputy Beauty Editor Marta Topran (!!) – was such an amazing experience. I even got to meet Carly (The College Prepster), Alexandria (The College Life Stylist), and Mandy (The Quirky Conservative).

I also was introduced to so many bloggers I hadn’t heard of before – it is so crazy to me just how big this blogging world truly is! Some new favorites include Matt & Chanel and Mimosas and Manhattan. Chanel and Kelly were both so sweet – definitely check out their blogs.

Onto obviously what I was there for: the Essie collection. I absolutely LOVED all the colors – in fact, earlier that day, I got a manicure for the event with In the Lobby on my nails and Bell-Bottom Blues on my toes. I cannot recommend these colors enough – they are absolutely gorgeous and I love how some have a dual sheen to them.

Essie has been my favorite nail brand for quite some time (read here and here) and I honestly love every collection they put out, so falling in love with these colors was no surprise to me at all.

Rakuten Marketing Event at Ramscale Studios

IMG_1655 IMG_1640 IMG_1637 IMG_1631Our last event of the night was the Rakuten Marketing Event at Ramscale Studios. The venue is GORGEOUS – we got there right as the sun was setting and had the most fabulous view (as you can see!).

We found out about the event through the Her Campus Blogger Network but we were embraced with open arms from Rakuten, which was so sweet. The event was for professionals to network – Nicole and I were probably the youngest people there and we both felt so honored to have been in attendance.

Thank you to Rakuten to extending the invitation to us!

Overall, I am so thankful to have been given the chance to attend such amazing events – and that I was home from school for a quick weekend to go! It was so great to catch up with Nicole and I can’t wait to see what next year’s Fashion Week has in store for us!

xoxo, Jamie

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