The Scheduling Project Update


Remember that post I wrote? About how I’d have content scheduled weeks in advance?

So. That was not quite the case. I did have 5 posts scheduled – but 5 posts over the course of the past 3 or 4 weeks is not necessarily where I thought I would’ve been. I, of course, would have preferred that you guys heard from me instead of not at all, but I’m still slightly disappointed in myself for not having a consistent online presence.

The thing with scheduling is that you need to push yourself to the point where you can churn out content and have no regard for truly what you are writing.

As a result, I started to resent blogging. I read other posts and got frustrated: other bloggers may have a more consistent approach, but the quality of their posts is downright terrible.

I’m all for a good Polyvore graphic – but when you have 5 posts a week and they are all centered around some basic list of dresses or tops, I don’t think it’s worth anything. Good for you for being able to get it together, but at the same time, do you really think your readers are getting anything out of that?

Today I tweeted that I was sorry for not having content up – as soon as I sent the tweet, I regretted it. Why should I have to apologize for not putting up content? Although I used to have one of the most consistent approaches (3 posts a week, even through the highs and lows of senior year), college is so different, and as I enter a new realm, my blog will change as well.

Although I don’t want to change the heart or root of The Fashion Newcomer as I progress, I know that it will have to adjust to my new lifestyle. College is BUSY and non-stop and I absolutely love it – it takes precedence over my blog.

I see so many bloggers writing short posts – something I used to pride myself on not doing – but now maybe I think it’s one of the best ways for me to be present without overcommitting.

So, to conclude, some changes will happen – they might not take effect for awhile, as sometimes it’s hard for me to even find the time to write posts – but eventually it will come together!

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2 Responses to The Scheduling Project Update

  1. Nicole says:

    Jamie– while this post may be short the message is great. I love that you are not posting just to post and to be a “good” blogger because in my opinion, the best bloggers are the bloggers with the best content, not the most frequent posting. That is not to say that it is not possible for a blogger to have great content and post frequently, but that is hard to do as a part-time blogger! School always trumps blogging (even when we wish it didn’t) so keep working hard & I know you will eventually find a balance between college classes, life & blogging! XO, Nicole

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Thank you so much Nicole!! I totally agree – school has to come first, even if blogging is a nice escape :)
      xoxo, Jamie

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