Hello. It’s Me.

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New Adele song, anyone? (I think it’s fab – fun fact: I’m a huge Adele fan)

Anyways… I know I’ve been gone for awhile (way longer than I’ve intended), and even though I have posted, it’s been a lot less than I promised (remember that once a week pledge I made?). I hate that last year at this time I was so consistent and now it’s a miracle if you hear from me more than once a month.

Here’s the problem: even if I had time to blog, I’m slightly out of ideas. I feel a little bored with the content I’ve been reading (probably because some of my other favorite bloggers haven’t been posting consistently too – @Nicole @Emma – so at least I’m in good company, right? Haha).

I truly miss blogging so much but I don’t know what to do. The lack of inspiration is driving me nuts! Luckily, I’m planning on making some major changes when I go home for my winter break – I have almost the whole month of January off which equates to plenty of time to reform The Fashion Newcomer and figure out what I truly want it to be going forward.

So – I won’t be completely gone until December/January. I’ll be around – I’ll tweet, I’ll instagram (from time to time – sorry it’s been infrequent lately!), and I’ll try to post – but just know I’m never disappearing entirely, just taking a pause to get my act together and figure out where to go next.

One quick thing – I just wanted to do a public, blog thank you to Nicole of Empire Styles! My birthday was on October 16 and she sent me an incredible package! The outside was completely decorated and it was so thoughtful.


IMG_0051Even better – I opened it and the Ban.do sticker book was right at the top!!! Nicole and I always gushed over the summer how we wanted this so badly but it was always sold out – I never got my hands on it and it was so sweet of her to hunt it down for me!! She also sent me earrings from the store she works at, Flutter Boutique. They are absolutely adorable and when I wear them I get so many compliments! So a big thank you again to Nicole for the amazing gifts.

Sorry for the radio silence – and possible the future silence – but I’ll be back more consistently eventually!

xoxo, Jamie

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  1. Nicole says:

    Yay yay yay!! So glad you’re posting, even if its not on a regular schedule :) (One day we will all find the perfect balance of inspiration, posting and living life… I hope). Also, thanks for the shoutout with the birthday box… I am so glad you liked everything!! LOVE YOU! XO, Nicole

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