I Stopped Using My Agenda (& I Don’t Hate It)


Can I make a slight confession?

I stopped using my Kate Spade Agenda. Like entirely. It sits on my desk here at college, almost beckoning me to reveal my hypocritical nature. And so, here we are.

In the beginning of the school year – really, the beginning of the summer – I was a full on adovcate of having a way to document everything in your life. And I still am in favor of organization, but lugging around an agenda that is essentially a small-binder is fairly unnecessary.

Here’s the thing: college is way different than high school. And although I’m sure there is a real agenda that would be of use to me, the one I currently have simply doesn’t do it.

I tried to make it work – the fashion blogger in me really did. But unlike high school when you can write down everything you have to do at home, college is a lot more about what is happening that day – making it hard to schedule appointments/reminders in the same few lines as assignments.

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Before this becomes an unorganized rant, let me shatter some of the blogging world frequent agenda myths…

A paper agenda simply doesn’t work for everyone

Since entering into college, I’ve become a pen > pencil person – meaning that if I use pens to write something down, I have to cross it out – creating an ugly mark in an otherwise pretty agenda. Worse, I claimed I would try to color code by class – this fails when I’m without one pen color, or rushing to write something down.

In terms of space, it’s confusing for me to have to write down what’s due that day and what has to get done that day. College isn’t like high school in that you go home and have a set amount of time before the next school day starts. If you have a test Wednesday at 6PM, you can study for it not only Tuesday night, but also Wednesday during the day (and if you are on top of things, hopefully way before that as well). Further, I have to keep track of way more events and meetings than high school.

Agenda season starts too early

Similar to the commercialization of Christmas – and how we start celebrating as soon as Halloween ends – agendas for the next school year are released as soon as one ends. We get tricked into foregoing practicality and favor the cute new designs. When I bought my agenda, I gave no thought into what would be most useful going forward in college. Instead, I picked a cute Kate Spade design and called it a day (and set myself down 36 dollars).

The rush to pick an agenda (primarily in the blogging world – I don’t think this affects most others) makes for a snap choice and hinders the ability to wait to see what new developments might come out throughout the summer.

What people say and do are two different things

I feel as if I’m not the only one in the blogging world who currently feels this way. We praise the same brands year after year and don’t necessarily follow through with the use of them.

Also – when some bloggers get gifted new agendas, they post about them midway through the year – it confuses me endlessly. What happened to the agenda you said you were going to use before? And please – I do not buy the excuse that one is for school and one is for blogging. In a perfect world, there would be an agenda that could suit all of you needs in one.


A proposed solution is in order… and for that, I present: Google Calendar.

We all trot our computers and phones around with us, so why not just rely on that? Google calendar combines all the elements we ever wanted: flexibility, color coding, and to-do lists in one.

Also great: you can connect with organizations on campus and have their calendars automatically downloaded to yours. If an event gets cancelled, or a room number gets changed, you’ll have it straight from the source.

I also use the all-day event feature to write down reminders, such as a test being in a week or planning out how to spend my time – such as writing an essay a particular weekend, etc.

Tasks allows you to create a to-do list; you can add a due date and it will automatically put it on your calendar with a checkbox – so you get the instant gratification of checking it off!

Yes – this post was a bit of a joke. But seriously – google calendar is amazing and I highly recommend it.

Can I promise I’ll never mention a paper agenda on my blog again? Probably not. They are cute and hyped up too much to ignore. Will I seek alternatives knowing the other side now? Definitely.

Wow – it feels good to be back and writing! Again – as I said in my last post – nothing will be consistent until late December/January, but I’m just making sure you won’t forget about me :)



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7 Responses to I Stopped Using My Agenda (& I Don’t Hate It)

  1. Cristina says:

    I stopped using my agenda halfway through the year last year (my freshman year). When I found I had a lot to remember, I just wrote a list on scratch paper. This year, I tried the agenda route again, and I actually use it. But I rarely write down college related things! It’s more for meetings, birthdays, and blogging. Totally agree that agenda-usage is different for everyone. My beef? Why do we buy a new agenda every school year when the current agenda covers until Dec 2016? I will be keeping mine and filling it up till then because, heck, it was $30!! Great post, Jamie!!

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      I totally agree with that!! So true. I have been using scratch paper to make to-do lists and it has been working wonders… don’t know if I’ll ever go back to an agenda (unless, of course, I fall prey yet again!) xoxo

  2. Nicole says:

    Loved this post!! Even as a high school student who writes EVERYTHING down, I’ve found myself using iCloud calendar (same idea as google calendar) more and more. I write my class assignments down in that classes’ notebook and then put it in my phone. I love taking handwritten notes, writing letters and using my agenda, but I feel like I am using my agenda more just because its there and I know I want to need to use it. It is becoming less of a necessity and more of a burden to fill out, simply because I “have to”, if that makes any sense, haha! Overall amazing post, Jamie!! XO, Nicole

  3. Ruth S. says:

    I love this. I completely ditched my MintGreen Planner this year and decided to download the MyHomework App. I feel at lot more at ease knowing that the app will send me reminders and keep me on track. Besides, I’m always glued to my phone and paper can be a hassle. I don’t know if I’ll go back to my old agenda!

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