Feeling Nourished

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAt times in college, I feel sluggish – weighed down because of a lack of sleep and, I hate to say it, lack of an all around healthy diet. Although I try as hard as I can to go to the gym occasionally (zumba classes are my go-to!), college is busy and often I skip it to do work (but to be honest, I’ve always been that way).

When I study, I love to snack at the same time – and often, that can consistent of terribly unhealthy options – and by that, I mean: chocolate, chocolate, or more chocolate.

I’ve been better lately because I’ve been toting around Nourish Snacks with me wherever I go. For tried and true readers, you remember these healthy, fun, and sleek snacks from when I first introduced them here. I predicted they would be great for healthy dorm room snacking and I’m here to report the facts: I was 100% correct.

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For the new kids on the block: Nourish Snacks are all under 200 calories and rich in fiber and protein. They are all unique and fun concepts – which make me look forward to trying them and eating something different!

The small packaged bags are absolutely adorable in design – and although bag design doesn’t necessarily have correlation to the food inside, in this case it does. When I whip out these small white bags, everyone is so intrigued – they are curious as to what the brand is, what I’m eating, and whether or not I like it (always a yes!). One of my friends even went so far as to comment that she pictures me only eating “posh” snacks from Trader Joes and Whole Foods – a strangely flattering comment, if you ask me.

Coincidentally, a small selection of Nourish Snacks are sold in my campus bookstore – a huge bonus for not only me (to restock!) but also all of my friends, who can quickly swoop in, purchase, and try it out.

Now – I know Christmas is ten days away – but it’s not too late to purchase some snacks! They would make an adorable gift (who doesn’t love snacking?!) for the holidays, but something to also keep in mind for the future. They are great to send to any relatives or friends in college – especially when the next cycle of midterms and finals come around (….although I don’t even want to think about that!).

Or buy a few and toss them into a stocking or with another gift – the receiver will be thankful for less candy in a time when sugary snacks are at an all time high. If you don’t have time to order, check them out at Starbucks and Barnes & Noble College bookstores (like I said, they are at mine!). And if you’re traveling this season – some are even offered as a snack on Delta flights.

Again, sorry for not hearing from me for awhile but I am so close to break (so close I can taste it – haha!) and you’ll hear from me way more.

Purchase Nourish here! My personal favorites: Honey Bee Good, Mind Your P’s & BBQs, Chili’n in the Corn’r, Coco’nilla Crunch (snacking on some as I write this now!), and Miss Popular (tried and true favorite).

xoxo, Jamie

*snacks courtesy of Nourish Snacks, although I have purchased my own in the past. I am a loyal fan of this brand and do not advertise anything on The Fashion Newcomer that I do not fully back and believe in. Thank you for supporting the brands that help sustain and further The Fashion Newcomer!

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