Newcomer in NYC: Midtown & Downtown

I think it’s pretty clear that most times I go into the city it’s to do one (if not both) of two things: shopping and eating. Thus, I went for a quick although seemingly ambiguous subtitle of Midtown & Downtown to sum up the locations my mom and I traveled between throughout the day while we were – you guessed it – shopping and eating.

If you’ll recall, last year on the day after Christmas we went for Cronuts – we almost decided to wait in the line again this year (the flavor looks amazing!) but decided to pass in favor of sleeping later :)

First stop was a place I have wanted to try for awhile Jack’s Wife Freda – finally another thing to cross of the New York City To-Do List! My mom and I got off our Metro North train and got on the 6 train to head downtown to Lafayette Street. There was a very short wait – much smaller than what I had seen in the past (particularly any time I walked by in the summer) and we were seated quickly.


IMG_0727The food was good, but because we went for breakfast/brunch and opted for the Mediterranean Breakfast on the menu, it was nothing groundbreaking – nevertheless, delicious. The place was much smaller than I imagined it to be – very quaint and cozy. I would definitely want to go back to try the sandwiches and salads – those seemed more up my alley than the brunch entrees!

IMG_0748From there, we set off to shop – the above picture was taken at Lululemon, which – to major surprise – was having a huge sale. Tons of things in the store were marked down, including gym bags, leggings, and tons of sports bras. I don’t know how long the sale is running for but definitely head over to your local Lululemon as fast as you can – the prices were the best I’ve ever seen them.

We also stopped at Brandy Melville (trade secret: the one on Prince Street is a lot less crowded than the one on Broadway! It’s also very clean and organized, which is fairly unusual for a Brandy Melville). Their basics are quite basic (ha) but honestly some of the softest items ever. The prices are still relatively inexpensive, considering it’s trendier clothing for much better quality than Forever21.

We were in and out of a few other stores – including a purchase of a cute turtleneck at Madewell. Another fun shopping secret: Madewell gives a 15% off student discount if you show a college ID – making the sale section an even better deal.

Eventually we decided to head back up to Midtown to grab some more food and hit a store my mom and I love: Dor L’ Dor (I went over the summer with Nicole!).

We stopped first at Urbanspace Vanderbilt, a food market with Reading Terminal Market vibes – it just has a smaller number of vendors and a cozier atmosphere. All in all, if you are in Midtown and want a fun dining experience – this is the place to go. If you’re with a ton of people, everyone can get exactly what they want!

IMG_0756 IMG_0788My mom and I went for Roberta’s after hearing good things about the actual brick and mortar store in Brooklyn. The pizza was absolutely delicious and since we were there at 3:00pm, there was no line – so easy.

IMG_0792We also had to go to Dough to pick up some donuts – another company I had heard of because of the actual store. Loved these! The top row (left to right) is Mocha Almond Crunch and Toasted Coconut and the bottom row (left to right) is Cafe Au Lait and Chocolate-Cocoa Nib. So good.
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The day concluded with the aforementioned trip to Dor L’ Dor before heading on the train home!

Had to get in at least one Newcomer in NYC while I’m home… and there might be more too!

xoxo, Jamie

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  1. OMG! All of that food! It looks so delicious. Sounds like you had an amazing time. I’m so jealous of all the places you got to go. Awesome & personal post. <3

    xo, Kimberly

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