The Truth Behind Posts of 2015

Hello 2016

Given the nature of this year, there were a lot of things that happened that simply didn’t make it onto the blog – especially in the latter half, in which I was almost entirely MIA from late August to December.

But even when I was blogging, there was a lot that went unsaid on the blog – maybe “sub-posted” in some ways, but definitely not outright said. Given that I’ve decided to usher off the new year with an entirely fresh, new perspective – aka, one with minimized bullshit (for lack of a better way of putting it) – I’ll fill you in on what went on in my life outside the blogosphere.

This might be a little overambitious, as I’m not fully distanced from some of the stupid things that happened and whatever I say here might not still be the entire story, but it’s closer to a look at what my life this past year was really like. And let’s be real – any high school happenings are done – so what’s the point of beating around the bush?

When I look back, the particularly annoying memories come first (only because, in a sad way, they are kind of funny) but I swear there will be good things mixed in!

And lastly – this may come off as reflection that old posts published were not 100% truthful but that’s not the case! All these posts were very real and true to me, but some have hidden meanings or I was motivated to write them by something entirely different than what it would seem.


What you saw on the blog: An Open Letter to Senior Year

What it really meant: Friendships can end. And truthfully, some friendships need to end.

Senior year started off with a bang – and not in a good way, but instead in a way that made me reevaluate the people that were in my life. Which was a terrible way to start off the year, but hey – timing isn’t something we can always control. This post was very aggressively attacking certain people in my life, and truthfully, I never apologize for this blog being more of a diary than it should be, because in a sense, that’s just what it is: a public diary. Moral of story: if you need to get away from someone who is bringing you down, just do it. The benefits outweigh the consequences.


What you saw on the blog: The Power of the Lokai Bracelet

What it really meant: I was very, very, very, stressed.

January ushered off the beginning of hearing from most colleges I applied to, which made for some very anxious times. Applying to college is rough, but hearing back – especially if you aren’t applying to schools that are all Early Action/Early Decision – can be extremely rough. It’s the biggest guessing game ever, and there’s no algorithms to help you determine where a) you’ll get in and b) once in, what is the best fit. After getting both a mix of good and disappointing college related news in December, I knew January began the chapter of hearing what was to come next.


What you saw on the blog: Working Hard & Staying Humble

What it really meant: Good people eventually get what they deserve.

The good news mentioned in this e-mail came from the college I go to now – I had already received my acceptance, but this e-mail informed me of an invitation to join a specific honors program within the business school. I didn’t know at the time that I would end up enrolling into that program, as I was still waiting to hear back from other schools, but getting the news was a great boost that helped me keep going despite my very stressed mindset.


What you saw on the blog: PSA: It’s Ok to Believe in Yourself

What it really meant: College acceptances were about to roll in… and I was in a panic.

Little did I know that at this time, I had already been accepted to the school I would go to. However, I kept on hanging around to hear back from ALL of my schools, hoping for a variety of options. Ultimately I got those options – and didn’t even consider them because I was able to figure out what I wanted pretty quickly. Regardless, I was down in the dumps a lot because I was fairly certain some things wouldn’t go my way. Ultimately, whatever didn’t go my way (aka – rejections or wait lists) happened for a reason.


What you saw on the blog: 24 Hours in Washington, D.C.

What it really meant: My last college visit ever. Thank. God.

I was at an accepted students day at a college in the area, and we decided to tack on an extra night to hang out in D.C. I disguised this trip as a fun get-a-way with my family – which it was – but it was also one in which I had to make a big decision. I made a list comparing that school to Binghamton (where I currently attend) on the hotel stationary, although I can safely say I knew I wasn’t going to the school we had just visited as soon as we drove away from the campus. That was such a pivotal and crazy moment, knowing I had made my decision! And further – what many, many people don’t know: the day after we came home, I submitted by deposit to Binghamton. I didn’t tell anyone or post my decision onto Facebook until closer to the end of the month – keeping my decision private (aka, keeping my peers guessing) is something I still find entertaining.

What you saw on the blog: Newcomer in NYC: Chocolate Tour

What it really meant: A day in which I met up with my current roommate!

I didn’t mention this in the slightest, because I thought it would be weird to say so, but the Chocolate Tour was actually just an activity I did with the girl who is now my roommate! When we started talking (yes, we met online – I know, I know…) we knew we wanted to meet up and this was the perfect activity. I totally recommend it as a way to get to know someone if you connect with a potential roommate online. We had plenty of time to talk while still being 100% occupied! We got along really well and I am so lucky to have found her online and that this day happened.


What you saw on the blog: Where am I going to college?

What it really meant: This crazy, terrible process is FINALLY over.

So – to put it in the nicest way possible – my peers (I refuse to even refer to some of them was friends anymore) weren’t the most understanding of my college decision. A common thing in the process is for people to simply just go to the best school they were accepted to, instead of weighing all the factors – special programs, availability of majors, location, price, etc. To be brutally honest: I got into NYU Stern, a school I had been dreaming of attending since middle school. But by the end of senior year, I quickly realized that middle school Jamie and high school Jamie had different goals – and although I loved (and still love) NYU, it just didn’t make sense for my undergraduate career. I can write a whole post on my decision/thought process if that’s something more people would want to see in the future.


What you saw on the blog: Senior Prom 2015

What it really meant: I went to prom alone. The fact that I didn’t have a date was a concocted sabotage by others.

Prom is stupid. It’s fun if you have the right mindset, but generally stupid – a lot of money and drama for a night where (in my case) you have to hang out with a bunch of your peers you (for the most part) don’t like. I had a good time, and going alone was fine. Technically there was someone I was maybe supposed to go with – I won’t go into the details but I have a feeling it was a calculated choice that he ended up not asking me. But hey, what are you going to do?


What you didn’t see on the blog:

IMG_0877After returning from Denver, my family traveled to Puerto Rico! We stayed in Bahia Beach, which was a little ways away from San Juan but very nice and relaxing. I had a post drafted but I don’t think I ever came close to finishing it, so I just abandoned it.

IMG_1908Within the first few weeks of school the Bean Boot Mobile stopped by on its college tour – it was so fun to see! There were a few LL Bean Tents with free stickers and chances to win free gifts – but lets be real – we all know I only went for the stickers.

IMG_0026I’ve mentioned it before here and here, but my family (particularly my brother) loves the Mets – we were so excited to see them make it all the way to the World Series! I definitely got really into the team and did my research – I was hoping they would ultimately win the whole thing, but the fact that they even got close was a huge accomplishment. I have faith that’ll they will come back and work hard to eventually win a World Series title!

IMG_0139I look a little ridiculous in this photo BUT I had to mention that Nev Schulman of Catfish swung by our campus to give a keynote talk about his life and what he learned from the doing the show. He was a really cool guy and it was very interesting!

IMG_8288While I was home over Thanksgiving, my family and my cousins all went into the city to see School of Rock on Broadway! My family had seen a preview version over the summer and we couldn’t wait to see it again once it opened. Before the show, we had dinner at Dos Caminos and I was thrilled to eat non-Sodexo dining hall food; the dessert above was a delicious Churro Brownie Sundae, arguably the best part of the meal. The show was different than what we had seen over the summer, but still very cute – the kids are immensely talented!

And of course, there was all of college which was crazy and amazing and there’s no amount of pictures that could accurately sum up everything that happened. I swear I’ll write more college related posts, but I don’t even know where to begin, so if there are things you want to know, let me know!

So this was me letting go of everything and leaving it in the past. Well – on the internet – same thing, right?

Here’s to an amazing 2016!

xoxo, Jamie

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4 Responses to The Truth Behind Posts of 2015

  1. Ashley Mason says:

    This was an awesome post, Jamie! It was really cool to see how each blog post related to your life at the time. Cheers to 2016!

  2. Kelsey says:

    Omg what a genius post. I love the behind the scenes look at what each post really meant! Sometimes we really edit and curate ourselves to show a particular picture to our readers and it’s so awesome to get the back story!
    xoxo Kelsey

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Thank you so much!! Exactly – so much of the blogging world is like that and although I partake, it’s always nice to strip down the barriers sometimes!
      xoxo Jamie

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