College + Blogging = ?

IMG_0713College is fabulous and is conducive to two extremes: immense inspiration, or complete lack thereof.

Never fear (although I doubt you were) – I’m home now and I finally have time to write out the posts the phases of inspiration have provided me. One of the things I consistently think about as a (now) college blogger are the frustrations over blogging in this stage. I know that for some its easy, especially if there’s a consortium of bloggers on campus but for me, I’m a little shy when it comes to mentioning this hobby of mine.

Thus, a few problems result… yes, these are exaggerated in some capacity but hey – we’re bloggers – our pictures are perfectly edited, we contemplate for hours over Instagram captions, and we craft posts – all because we want to – a little crazy, yes?

Anyways, here are some of things I’ve thought while in my first semester as a blogger on campus…

Who is going to be my photographer? | I’ve defined time and time again that The Fashion Newcomer doesn’t serve as a grounds to post curated photos of various outfits. However, there are some outfits I do occasionally want to photograph – but unfortunately at college, not only is it too bizarre to ask someone to photograph my outfits but worse – the places with the best scenery are heavily trafficked and I would definitely run into people as this so called “photoshoot” was going on. 

Carrying boxes back from the post office is a struggle | Getting an e-mail that I have a package waiting for me at the post office is one of the most exciting things to wake up to – however, the post office is not super close to my dorm. When the nourish snacks came in, they came in a huge box – which was awesome, but definitely a struggle to carry back into the dorm – including getting out my key card to swipe into the building and into my room. (Major first world problem… I swear this is point is mostly a joke)

Making time (because after all, any time not socializing should be work time) | And if there’s a third category: sleeping. College is forever a balancing act of work, socializing, and sleeping – not much room for blogging. I know this is a bit hypocritical – I’ve said before that people make time for things that are important to them. Granted, I did make a little bit of room for blogging but not nearly enough. For that, I apologize but hopefully now that I’m adjusted, I’ll be able to work on the blog more while at college in the future.

Finding cute coffee shops & beautiful surfaces | My campus is very pretty, but not in an old-architecture way, thus limiting the Instagrams that could be derived from the buildings around me. In addition, I’m on a semi-isolated campus – there are very cute restaurants in a downtown area that’s about a seven minute cab ride away. That being said, nothing is super convenient to jet off to so frequently to have cute cups of coffee on marble tops. Of course this really isn’t what being a blogger is all about, and let’s be real, my Instagrams aren’t too fabulous anyways, so it’s not like I’m chasing that. But grabbing a few polished graphics here and there wouldn’t hurt…

Having to explain your “double” life | While referring to blogging as a second life is an expression I don’t necessarily prefer, when it comes to college, it is slightly true. The fact that I have a blog is not hidden, but I don’t necessarily talk about it all the time either; if people bring it up, I don’t deny it, but I’m not one to particularly make it immense common knowledge. That being said, there are aspects of blogging that remain in this world and don’t translate well over to others – the fact that Nicole and I met in person and became great friends through this hobby is something that is probably crazy, but having been in the blogosophere for some time, I’ve accepted the weirdness of it!

Scrolling through bloglovin in the 10 mins walking to class | Any other college bloggers feel me on this? Whenever I’m walking to class (most are a decent length away from my dorm), I’m always catching up on bloglovin. It’s strange because I know I’m in the minority reading that app as opposed to catching up on news – it feels like only bloggers or avid blog readers know to have the app. Regardless, it almost seems as if it is the only time I have to see what other people are blogging about.

So to answer my own headline question: college + blogging = some form of chaos. But a good kind! Getting adjusted to blogging in college has been weird but I’m slowly getting there. College bloggers – help me out – what do you do?

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17 Responses to College + Blogging = ?

  1. I definitely agree about reading blogs on the way to class or before class starts. Sometimes it’s just a quick skim and no time to comment!


    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Totally agree! And I feel so guilty because I definitely need to comment on blogs a lot more! On that note, thank YOU for leaving a comment on mine!!
      xoxo Jamie

  2. I am so happy you wrote this because I feel the exact same way! Finding time, a good photographer, and the perfect Instagram pics is so difficult!! Please let me know if you are ever int he city and we will definitely hang out!

  3. This is so relatable! I end up spending my early mornings and later evenings doing most blog stuff, but there are definitely exceptions and balancing it all is tricky – especially since school comes first. There are pictures to take (which require good light) and of course there are other bloggers I want to engage with. At any given time, I probably have five or more tabs open on my computer with other blogs I want to comment on or read or share. But even though it’s tough to juggle, I love it all so much and have so many ideas for my blog that I wouldn’t give it up. Thanks for sharing this :)

  4. girl C says:

    I’m in high school and I’m also do college too. The balance between everything in my life is impossible: schoolwork, social life, sports and clubs, and blogging. I hope you find the balance and continue to make your blog great. What I think is funny (and relatable) is photographing outfits. There are these great places on campus, but I don’t want where stares and questions about what I’m doing. Maybe I’ll do it one day! I also can’t think of having no one to photograph pictures for me. :(
    xo girl C

  5. Melissa Blake says:

    I’ve been out of college for 10 years now (I’m old…!) and I still have these thoughts about blogging! I think it’s something all bloggers feel at one time or another, though it doesn’t make the stress any less!!

    Great blog, btw!!!

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      I totally agree with that – we all face our common blogger problems, haha! Thanks for leaving a comment :)

  6. Jamie says:

    I could totally see these issues if I’d had my blog in college! Sometimes I wish I had started it earlier though because I had friends in my sorority who were in to photography and fashion. Good luck with both endeavors :)


    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      So jealous – I’m sure your sorority sisters would’ve been so helpful if you had it back then!! Thank you for leaving a comment!
      xoxo Jamie

  7. This post is amazing. I totally feel you when it comes to photography. And the post office. I love your approach to this post! Very original!

  8. Trang Do says:

    Great post!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  9. Annie says:

    I could not agree more with this! It’s definitely a struggle balancing the two.

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