Authenticity is Never Having to Say Sorry


The blogging world has finally received some sort of a wake up call, although the message I extrapolated from this “call” isn’t necessarily what everyone else has seemed to believe it to be.

The wake up call I’m talking about is the one that came from Danielle Marie, a popular youtuber online. Her video (click here to watch) detailed her views on the current state of YouTube – which many bloggers are applying to our own platforms of WordPress and Blogger. In short, Danielle called for action regarding the production of more thoughtful, sit-down videos as opposed to perfectly curated routines or tutorials.

I was totally on board with that mission, but as the video kept going she mentioned her view count – something that was somewhat off-putting to me. View count should not be everything. I know that on YouTube views = money and some vloggers rely on this money to supplement their other sources of income but please – I think we can spare a few cents to make videos (or publish blog posts) that truly mean something to us, as opposed to just pleasing everyone else.

As I continued to watch the video, I felt that she was apologizing for the switch in her content that was about to come. Honestly, she was apologizing for the fact that she was going to make for videos she was passionate about, but simultaneously begging people to continue to watch – so she could continue getting her sponsorships, endorsements, and of course – money.

I really do commend Danielle for opening up the conversation and getting content creators across all platforms to start buzzing about generating more genuine pieces. It’s nice to see someone making no excuses for more bullshit (for lack of a better term). However, as content creators, we need to see that authenticity is never having to say your sorry. Producing authentic posts that we believe in should be the mission any time you hit “publish” on a post or YouTube video.

We shouldn’t be apologizing for what we’ve done in the past or what we want to do in the future – we should be able to do exactly what we want without worrying about what our “followers” will say. Views are important, but honestly, producing content we are proud of should be our first priority. Although I cherish each and every person that every reads The Fashion Newcomer, I ultimately make my own decisions about what I’m going to publish based on what I believe in.

If we as bloggers or vloggers are putting out content that we are passionate about, the views should come naturally.

What do you think? Please sound off – comment, tweet me, etc. – I’m very interested to know what other bloggers are feeling regarding this topic.Blog Signature

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6 Responses to Authenticity is Never Having to Say Sorry

  1. Cristina says:

    I watched Danielle’s video as well and felt that it also pertained to the blogging world. I think the thing about her video is that she was trying to be really careful with her words and to deliver the message smoothly so there wasn’t too bad of backlash. As she would bring up a point such as not wanting to do so many perfectly curated DIYs and tutorials, she would quickly say something like “but that’s ok if you do! I love those” to show that she wasn’t trying to bash or put anyone down. I really admired that about the video because often times someone speaking their mind turns into a very passive message that delivers negativity rather than the desired issue at hand. I can admit that if I had been delivering the message I would have been more stern just because that’s my personality, ha ha. So I think it really just came down to Danielle being a 17 year old girl who wanted to be real with viewers, but didn’t want to step on any toes. I agree with you that authenticity is never having to say you’re sorry! I think everyone learns this on their own time :) I think it’s admirable that you know that and that you preach it to the blogging world!


    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      I also admire Danielle’s desire to create a more positive space online, I think that is truly very important. Girls often love to bring other girls down, and her positive attitude was key in that video – as it is in all of her videos. Although a happy outlook was present, I still believe that while she is very passionate about what she does online, she was overcompensating for the fact that she is going to make some changes on her channel because that could affect her viewership and thus her income source, since making videos she is passionate about does not necessarily match up with what people (who provide her with $$) have come to expect from her. I guess the point I was trying to make was that her passion is key here, not the number of views or clicks. Obviously it is important for her to alert her “fan base” this shift in content is occurring. In the future, if she posted a video that was completely unprecedented, it might alienate even those who would enjoy watching said video out of pure shock and confusion. Regardless, true subscribers will respect her as a content creator. As she continues to make videos true her heart, the views will come, even if that means sacrificing a little bit of compensation for some time. I know I for one don’t watch some of her routines and DIYs, and would rather see the videos she discussed making in the video featured in this post. I still think she is great and works extremely hard, and I appreciate her honesty – it opens up to so many discussions, like this one! Thank you for leaving a comment :)
      xo Jamie

  2. Shelby says:

    I completely agree. We should all do what we love because if we’re just thing to please others, how is that fun? I’ve always told my friends and peers that I like blogging because it makes me happy. Sure- getting a free item sent to us and making a few bucks is fun, but the point is to still enjoy what we are doing in order to get those promos and free items. I agree highly with this as said before. I feel bloggers are simply just copying more “popular” blogs in order to achieve that fame. Being original is something to be proud of.

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Exactly! Connecting with brands we are passionate about is an amazing perk but definitely not the only reason to blog. Blogging requires so much work and if you are doing it because you love it, it shines through – fake posts that call for attention are so obvious!! Thank you so much for leaving a comment, I really appreciate it!
      xo J

  3. Rebecca says:

    This was an INCREDIBLE post! Even though I have not yet seen that video that shook up the creativity in the blogging world, I have been trying to be more creative with my content. Although sometimes it’s tempting to just pull together something that you know will be well liked and pretty easy to create, as bloggers, we should be creating content that we are proud of and is unique and something that we are 100% passionate about. This is also one of the reasons why I stray away from YouTube as of lately, because it has become a place where there are so many almost identical videos and I do not want the blogging world to become a place where everyone’s content is so similar.

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Thank you so much Rebecca!! Exactly – so hard to strike that balance between passionate and well received. It’s so frustrating because it’s a battle that might not ever be won entirely – but we have to persevere and do what we believe in! Thank you for leaving a comment!
      xo Jamie

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