In Pursuit of…

It’s important to look up. But also sometimes to look down, because you never quite know the gems you’ll spot as you stroll through the streets…
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I was walking through a small Connecticut town near me and saw this “In pursuit of magic” stamped into a brick in the sidewalk. Of course I had to snap a picture – I am a blogger, after all. Sitting on this snap for a few days, I realized it was a great way to introduce a discussion about some thoughts I’ve had in regards to The Fashion Newcomer lately.

(That and the fact that it’s still the beginning of 2016, so I can still do some reflecting…right?)

I want to start with this: I’m essentially in pursuit of passion and balance.

Let’s back up – I am extremely passionate about this blog, but I occasionally feel like I hit dead ends. While I was gone from blogging, I felt guilty – but I was (at times) very devoid of relevant ideas, so in some regard, I was able to excuse myself from working on it.

I believe in quality over quantity 100%, but lately it’s feeling like if I’m not frequently posting, I’m not staying in-the-know, which means I’m momentarily disappearing from mattering to people who once clicked on my webpage and liked my (hopefully) unique voice.

I’m home on Winter Break now and I wanted to do another take on The Scheduling Project (a successful one this time) – I thought because I was home and rejuvenated that suddenly the ideas would come rushing back and I could actually execute out a decent amount of these ideas.

But I’ve come to realize that no one person – especially a person that isn’t a full time blogger – should write seven to eight blog posts (or even more) for the next month a month in advance, in addition to keeping up with content for the current month. It’s way too much. It’s not conducive to living life to the fullest, doesn’t allow for any spontaneity, and creates a circulation of stale posts.

I want to maintain the passion I have for this blog but also have a balance going forward – sporadically posting doesn’t cut it, but posting boring, uninspired content doesn’t work either.


I am in pursuit of passion and balance. And will be for awhile. Doing both is a stretch – so maybe I too am in pursuit of magic and making what has previous been undoable happen.

You’ll see posts from me – I promise – but the schedule in which you do see them might be a little all over the place – this is so I can get the passion part down first and only write about what I truly believe in.

As I develop on that path, I’m hoping to find some sense of balance as well, and simultaneously master both.

Thank you to all who are sticking with me – I just can’t bear to publish posts I don’t believe in just to post. I know I’ve said this before and I know I’ll say it again, but I felt it had to be said again.

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3 Responses to In Pursuit of…

  1. Nicole says:

    I love the point of view of your post. I think its so important to acknowledge that as much as we would love to be full time bloggers with new content up every other day, thats just not fathomable while also being a full-time student! I’m sure now that you’re more used to the college lifestyle with one semester under your belt, you’ll be able to find a better balance between school, friends, blogging and relaxing. I can’t wait to keep following TFN as you go back to school soon. XO, Nicole

  2. Rebecca says:

    I totally understand what you’re saying, we as bloggers feel like we need to constantly generate content in order to keep up with the pack, but the balance between school, a social life, and blogging is not easy to obtain. I completely understand your reasons behind the scheduling, constant posting can sometimes put pressure on you to create more and more content. Best of luck in finding inspiration for your blog, but also doing it all, something that truly is magic.

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