Newcomer in NYC: Meatpacking with Empire Styles

Nicole and I had another blogger date in the city before I had to head back to school for second semester (note: I’m back now, although no consistency guaranteed, hence the dry spell of posts/tweets/instagrams yet again). We had a fabulous time – we set a few destinations, and otherwise wandered and caught up – some much needed girl time!

I broke up some of our destinations so if you are planning a trip to the city you could pick and choose some interesting places to go to – and if that truly is the case, make sure to check out this other post with Nicole here!

To reiterate: yes, Nicole and I met through blogging and despite weird, I am so lucky to have her in my life. We mesh so well and just get each other – and I am so thankful for the blogging world that has connected us!

Onto the day…

Chelsea Market // Artists and FleasIMG_0992

IMG_1014IMG_1040IMG_1001 IMG_0997

Chelsea Market is a great food hall with a plethora of options – we went a little bit before lunchtime, so we decided to browse around Anthropologie and Artists & Fleas, an extension of the market focused on small businesses. Particularly, we went in pursuit of Pamela Barksy pouches – there was a sale going on, but we both decided to pass. There are so many great vendors and it was fun just perusing – and I got to check off going back on my NYC to-do list!

Dos Caminos

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We decided we wanted more of a sit down meal, so we headed across the street to Dos Caminos. I’ve been a few times before and we thought it would be a safe bet to check it out and indulge in Mexican food. I was leaving for school a few days later so any chance I had while home to eat normal non Sodexo food I’ll gladly take! We ended up getting these power protein bowls and guacamole – so delicious. I totally recommend, especially with the chicken – whatever the sauce was, it was incredible and just right amount of spice.

Gansevoort Market // Dana’s Bakery and Crepe Sucre

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_1010Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWhen we left the restaurant we walked over to Gansevoort Market for dessert – it’s a lot of the same vendors that are in UrbanSpace! We picked up Dana’s Macarons to-go (on the to-do list too!) and hopped on the Crepe line – nutella and banana for me, naturally. We sat and chatted more – always a pleasure and a necessity – Nicole and I could talk for days on end if given the opportunity.

Other Snapshots // City Life, Story, and Filicori

IMG_1022 IMG_1031 IMG_1028

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe rest of the day was just spent wandering around – we set off first in search of Story (yes, also on the to-do list…) which is a retail store that changes themes every so often in pursuit of another concept to benefit the consumer. The current theme is wellness in collaboration with Cigna Healthcare. Although we didn’t buy anything, it was still fun to peruse and see the space that adapts so quickly to new concepts.

After, we decided to keep walking up as Nicole had to get back to Penn Station to catch her train. We passed through FIT territory (and can’t wait to go back to visit Shelby sometime soon hopefully!) and noticed we had time, so we decided to plop down at Filicori to warm up with lattes (1. it was freezing and 2. we had seen from some FIT bloggers we follow that the latte art there is killer!).

Although we didn’t get grand designs this time around, it was nice to take in a different environment – less mainstream then Starbucks, people going about their everyday lives… we tried to blend in as best as possible.

Nicole took classes at FIT while in high school on weekends, so as we walked out she pointed out the dorms, buildings, etc. – so interesting to take in a college environment that is so different from mine currently!

And that’s a wrap for this post! I’ll try to be more consistent here on out – hoping for the best…

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4 Responses to Newcomer in NYC: Meatpacking with Empire Styles

  1. Nicole says:

    This was such a fun day!! So great to catch up and explore NYC :) Can’t wait for next time. Love you!! XO, Nicole

  2. Rebecca says:

    It looks like you two had a blast! This post is seriously making me want to go back to New York!
    Rebecca xo

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