Sport of Choice: Snacking


Snacking is one of my favorite things to do, and although not necessarily the healthiest, when it comes to dining hall food in college – snacks are a necessity.

I’ve talked about Nourish Snacks before which are an awesome way to have clean, portioned snacks on hand to grab and go before leaving your dorm room. However, as I’ve progressed, I’ve noticed a few other things I have to have on hand to ensure I’m never hungry.

If we are getting really technical here – as I sometimes do when it comes the world of snacking – it’s good to have a variety of snacks – ones with more sustenance, some that can substitute a meal if need be, others to curb that persistent chocolate craving, and then just some pure junk to get you through the day.

My campus is fairly isolated in that there’s no grocery store we can walk to – everything is driving distance. However, since freshman aren’t allowed to have cars, to get to Wegmans (the local supermarket that is, by the way, incredible) we have to take the bus. This is totally fine, but it definitely limits the amount in which I buy considering I can only take back what I can carry.

Thus, I try to pick up light, easy to transport items that don’t go bad too easily so I can have them on hand for awhile before I get a chance to go to Wegmans again.

Some (as of late – and this is always shifting) must haves…

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Luna Bars | Wheat Thins | Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Light Cheese Wheel Pretzel Crisps | Pretzel Goldfish | Goldfish | Hummus | Peeled Peas Pleas | Krave | Some Chocolate | Trail Mix | Popcorn

And if you’re really adventurous and want to splurge on yourself, ordering from an online macaron or cupcake boutique is always a fun choice…

Baked by Melissa

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Dana’s Macarons

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Other potential food posts to come: alternatives to dining hall food and how to manipulate dining hall food into something semi desirable. (Only sort of kidding… problem is I am trying to figure these things out as well – please let me know if anyone else has these sorts of tips!)

xoxo, Jamie

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