Let’s Have Coffee

Happy April! Remember me?

…April 1: a clean slate. Yes, I am aware that it’s April Fool’s Day but I swear, I’m not pulling anything over on you this time around

Grab a coffee, a snack – whatever it is you’d like, and lets pretend we are talking to one another, similarly to this post from what feels like ages ago.

I have had a lot to say for awhile now, and I haven’t even known where to start. Couple that with a complete lack of time and instead of putting out content that’s not complete, I haven’t put up too much at all. It makes me sad because blogging brings me so much joy, but I’m hoping to get all of my thoughts (no matter how harsh and bitter they happen to be) off my chest to proceed. Everything might be a little jumbled and I’m not sure if anything will transition from my brain to the computer well, but bear with me…

First, I’d like to start off with the fact that I have acknowledged that being busy is never an excuse. And I’m still sticking to that; although I do have a lot going on, if I wanted to blog, I definitely could’ve made time (as I did to publish this one post). However, not to push the blame onto others, I feel that the blogging community has been so uninspiring. Somedays, I don’t even click on my Bloglovin notification because I know it’s going to be more of the same.

Brief pictures of outfits just don’t do it for me. I’d much rather prefer lengthy discussions of trends, happenings, even what you did yesterday. I admire bloggers like Jessica and Hallie because they can tell a story with their outfits – instead of letting the photos do the talking (or not talk, as has been happening more often than not). It’s boring, and with the little time I have to read articles or surf the web, scrolling through uninteresting posts is not on the top of my list.

Blogging in general has not been on the top of my list. The joy I once got out of producing content and working hard has faded a little bit, which is disappointing because it wasn’t a conscious choice. I think that what started as a passion project has been clouded by the surrounding environment, and with everyone writing the same things, and other people only wanting to read very specific, niche things, it limits creativity on a high level.

I sometimes come up with ideas only to not execute them due to 1. my complete laziness as mentioned above, and 2. a predicted disregard from the general audience. The way our blogging community has formed is extremely strange; the only people who comment on blog posts are other bloggers, and often (at least in my own experience), no comments at all. We’re in a very tech-savvy time, yet personally I’ve found it hard to spread my blog to others who are not in the throes of the blogging world.

After all, sometimes posts aren’t supposed to be geared towards other bloggers – when I started blogging, I didn’t even know that was a thing. I’ve fed into the hype, but all these posts about what bloggers do and say doesn’t mean anything in real life. It’s not necessarily a problem in the grand scheme of things, and it doesn’t mean I’ll stop doing them, it’s just confusing. How do all the big name bloggers attract bloggers and non-bloggers as readers? How does someone like me, trapped in a relatively small, tight-knit blogging community attract new people to visit my website?

And in the midst of all these thoughts, just as I attempt to come back to the blogging world, there is the big Instagram debacle. Am I the only one that really does not care? I understand that Instagram is HUGE, but I’m sorry, it truly is not the end of the world. If you step up your game, you’ll naturally attract back the same number of followers you had. Although not seeing everyone’s post is an inconvenience, this happens naturally – sometimes people post on the app when you are not active – and won’t be for a few hours. Getting so worked up about an application (even if it is a supplement to your personal brand) isn’t enough.

And that’s all (for now).

I can’t make any promises just yet – I just wanted to update you all in some capacity.

Let me know what you think and don’t be afraid to disagree – I’m open to all/any thoughts!

xo, Jamie

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4 Responses to Let’s Have Coffee

  1. Rebecca says:

    Welcome back! I totally get why you took a break, but I’m excited to see more on your blog!

  2. girl C says:

    I am glad to have you back. It is nice to know what is going through your head. I hope you will come back to the blogging community soon! <3

    girl C

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