Long time no talk. Sorry about that. Still figuring out this thing called balance – it’s really difficult. I had a huge project I’ll talk about later because it culminates in a Newcomer in NYC that I think you guys would like! But until then…

I wanted to update you on an awesome (and 100% free) service called Influenster. You fill out some easy information about yourself, connect your social media networks, and gain points all to receive cute boxes containing entirely free products for you to try and review online.

What I love the most about it is that it provides a platform in which bloggers (or anyone – you don’t have to have a blog) can try products and provide an honest review. Not to mention the fact it’s totally free – you don’t even have to pay for shipping.


Yes, the whole thing is hit or miss. This box was great exclusively because of the Snickers Crisper bars, which I’ve had before and absolutely love (I’m a big fan of Buncha Crunch so it was a logical step for me to think these were incredible).

As for the rest, there was a tea sample, but I don’t like tea, some wipes, and also an NYC Lip/Cheek tint. Nothing incredible, but entirely free – so sifting through the unnecessary to get to the good doesn’t hurt.

As a college student, I find these a fun way to add to my package count throughout the year. I love getting mail, and this is no exception. When I went to go pick it up in the mailroom, I saw a bunch of a tiny blue boxes – clearly many people are on board with this service trend.

Essentially, it’s like Birchbox or PopSugar without having to pay – this way you can’t get disappointed if you don’t like what is provided.

What do you think of Influenster? Have you tried it?

Sign up here.

Let me know!

xoxo, Jamie

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I’ve never heard of Influenster before, but it sounds like a great platform! I’ll definitely have to try it out!

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