Long Time, No Speak


Everytime I try to write this post, I get bored. I’ve written it before, and I know I’ll write it again. The “it” I’m referring to simply my go-to excuse post, the “sorry I haven’t been around” or “my bad for not writing” and it’s literally the same shit every. single. time.

I feel an inherent need to always be apologizing, but the thing is, I’m not really sorry I haven’t blogged in over a month. And considering the lack of engagement this blog typically has, I’m pretty sure no one is that upset I wasn’t present.

There is nothing motivating me to blog – I read other posts and I think they are often irrelevant, I read back my own old posts that are (for the most part) a load of BS, and I go on Twitter and see everyone’s fake thoughts just to be “accepted” and it’s made me stop caring.

Nicole and I finally got to catch up after awhile and we had a lot of the same thoughts. What is next for our blogs? Is there anything we can do to change the nature of the current blogging system? How can we compare to the increased amount of full time bloggers? And worst of all: should we just quit?

I like to write, but in today’s “blog culture” you must be writing a certain way, mentioning specific products, tweeting out cutesy little thoughts about really nothing at all, and maintaining a perfectly curated Instagram but passing it off as entirely effortless. Those extra steps were once something I enjoyed, but now it just annoys me. It’s a lot of work just to seem “present”, and it is all pretty gimmick-y. Links to your last blog post are to get more views, and links to products are probably through an affiliate program are to make money. I get it, it makes sense, but to be honest, I hate it.

I don’t think I want to stop blogging entirely, I just need to find a new rhythm, embrace a true voice, and stop caring what everyone else is doing because it doesn’t really matter. (Way easier said than done.)

I can’t promise consistency – I can’t really promise anything – all I can hope is that if you like my perspective, you’ll continue to read in some capacity. If I’m not tweeting, just know it is because Twitter bores me sometimes. If I’m not using my blog instagram, then just follow my personal one – even if it’s not perfect, at least it is being updated.

If there’s something you want to see, let me know. If you think I’m totally wrong, please – speak up! The blog world is way too agreeable – sometimes, you just want the truth. Any sort of dialogue we could have about this is something I want to be a part of so feel free to reach out.

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5 Responses to Long Time, No Speak

  1. Faith says:

    I totally understand what you mean! I’ve made the decision with my blog to remain 100% me and to not monetize- so I totally respect your thoughts and decisions!

  2. Natalia says:

    I am in the SAME position that you are in! I haven’t blogged in so long, just because I kind of hate what “blogging” is right now. I’m also in the process of trying to decide if I even want to keep blogging, or if I want to change what I blog about. I haven’t decided! I do think that the best thing to do is just ignore everyone else, and write when you want to and write when you feel inspired to, and never to force it!

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Yes!! First, thank you for commenting and second I’m soooo glad someone else gets it, because I feel like there’s just a troop of zombie bloggers who don’t see that them just being copycats of one another is detrimental! You’re so right, and I’ll definitely have to remember that as I continue to blog. I hope you keep blogging because I love your voice and literally all of your content. Hope all is well!! xoxo

  3. Rebecca says:

    I love how honest that you are about this! I totally understand why you haven’t been blogging, because yes, it’s true, creativity is getting a bit lost in the blogging world. I’ve been trying to keep up consistency and throw in some posts of #realtalk. It’s not easy to be creative and it’s also not easy to be honest to your readers and yourself that you’re sick of all the fake and you want to be yourself, even if that means stepping away from blogging. Here’s to being honest!

    • The Fashion Newcomer says:

      Thank you so much! It is hard to stick to what you believe in and make sure that every piece of content is great. For the record, I think you do an amazing job of this :) xoxo

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