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Trying to get back into the swing of things so here we are with another post just a few days after that last one was published (better than a month later, right?).

I used to think these types of posts were just cheap tricks that bloggers resort to when they are in a crunch to post a certain amount per week. However, when Nicole posed the idea, I realized it’s a great way to catch you guys up on what’s currently inside my head. Given that I’ve been MIA for so long and my last post didn’t give much clarity to what’s been going on in my life, I thought this would bridge the gap a little bit.

For those who haven’t seen these types of posts before, a “At This Moment…” post simply just lists out a few prompts to which you answer with what’s been going on in your life lately.

Make sure to go read Nicole’s too!

Enjoying…  the fact that it is acceptable to wear Essie’s Bikini So Teeny on my nails! It’s my favorite nail color for the summer – I naturally gravitate to it when I go into the nail salon. During the other seasons I feel like it’s too bright, but for summer, it is perfect. I’m usually impartial to dark colors so these few summer weeks are really the only time I change it up!

Excited About… Hamilton (the Broadway show). My parents got tickets all the way back in October for a show in a few weeks (!!!!!!!). From everything I’ve read, we’ll make it right before the original cast leaves (*knock on wood*). I’m thrilled to see what all the hype is about (my mom and I tried to get tickets last year when it was at the end of its run at the Public Theater and couldn’t… over a year later here we are!!).

Drinking… Iced Coffee. (This habit has not changed since being away at school; if anything, it got worse.)

Listening… to more Drake than I’d like to admit to, only because it’s everywhere. I use Spotify to make playlists but since I’ve been home and able to use a car, I just rely on the radio when I’m driving around. I swear, every other song played is Drake but I’m just embracing it!

Loving… Manhattan day trips. Since home, I’ve been in a few times to see friends from school. It’s always exciting to get out of the suburbs! Unfortunately Nicole and I just missed Shelby while she was briefly in the city but hopefully the three of us will be able to plan a city get together for later in the summer.

Needing… A new phone case. I’m a klutz so I frequently drop my phone; its last tumble led to in a few too many cracks in my current case. If you have any suggestions, I have a 6S in Space Gray!

Wanting… Baron Von Fancy products (I’d like to think of him as the more inappropriate Pamela Barsky). I love Barsky pouches but there’s some Von Fancy sayings that take the cake (one of my favorites: my anxieties have anxieties). While in the city, my friend and I went in pursuit of his stuff, only to find none, and then went after this sign which was already (sadly) replaced with an advertisement.

Watching… American Horror Story. I was pretty skeptical of the show, even though my mom has watched most seasons and loved them all. I blew through the first season in just a few days and it was incredible. Very creepy but so different than anything I’ve watched recently so I really enjoyed it. For those who don’t know, AHS is an anthology series so each season is a different theme. Often, a lot of actors come back but they have different roles. I’m onto the second season now!

Wearing… Adidas Stan Smiths. I’ve been sitting on a post draft about these sneakers since at least April but it never materialized. These shoes are so comfortable and go with pretty much everything! Lately I’ve preferred them to sandals simply because they are so easy to wear. I still own a pair of white converse, but I’ve been totally impartial to these particular kicks.

One quick bonus regarding food (because dessert is an important part of my life): I went to a local place near me called Milkcraft that serves the waffle ice cream cones that have been all over Instagram lately. I waited for over an hour but the Smores creation I had was absolutely delicious and worth the hype. (Ps – can you spot the Bikini So Teeny on my nails?)

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2 Responses to At This Moment…

  1. Nicole says:

    Jamie, that ice cream looks SO good! So fun doing this joint post together :) XO, Nicole

  2. Rebecca says:

    That’s so exciting that you’re going to be seeing Hamilton! I hope that for your sake, the original cast won’t be gone yet!

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