Newcomer in NYC: What You’ve Missed

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Today’s post is going to be a recap of places I’ve been in Manhattan throughout the past few weeks. Anywhere I went throughout the semester was lost (given that I wasn’t posting at all) and I’ve been easing into posting recently, so I figured combining them all together could work well. Re-reading this intro now after having written the post, I realize it’s really just a list of places I would recommend checking out and less content based than I had originally planned – my bad!

Since I haven’t been blogging recently, I haven’t been as on top of always taking photos so you’ll notice some of these blurbs have no graphics along with them. I apologize for that! Sometimes it’s not about staging the food or getting the perfect shot, right?

I’d also lastly like to apologize for the amount of times the words “fun” and “delicious” are used. When I went back to read this post, I was so disappointed in the amount of times I used those two words to describe things but nevertheless, they are my go to for ambience and food. Oops! Working on shaking it up (blogging goals for this summer). For now, please stick with me!




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Pure heaven. This place was everything I wanted in a brunch restaurant and more. My friend and I came home for one weekend from school and before catching our bus at Port Authority on Sunday we decided to go to Sadelle’s. Such a good decision. The lox was as good as it looks (if not better) and as much as I love the Breads Bakery Babka, I think this is better (this one has chocolate frosting!). I could not recommend this place more. Definitely make a reservation though – it was super crowded and if we hadn’t, I’m not so sure we would’ve gotten a table. A few hours after we left, I saw on Instagram that Leo DiCaprio was at Sadelle’s. We just missed him…

Two Hands

To continue missed celebrity encounters, at Two Hands, I sat in Dave Franco’s seat… right after he left. It was so disappointing that we just missed him, but still cool to have been there. This small Australian place gets a ton of attention on Instagram and was worth the hype. There was a decent wait, but Two Hands allows you to give your cell number and walk away – they’ll text you when your table is ready, so you don’t have to stand outside the restaurant. I got a sandwich and added an egg – delicious and fresh. I was so hungry I took no pictures (so unlike me) but I’m sure I’ll be back.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

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The first time I was at Nom Wah Tea Parlor was for dim sum in the morning and it was absolutely delicious. The food was fresh and the portions were extremely generous. I went for a second time after Escape the Room (read more on that below) because it was literally one block away but at night it wasn’t as good. However, given that it was a group of 6 of us, we were able to get a table right away which was extremely convenient and easy!

10 Below

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What can I say… I buy into food trends way too easily. 10 Below has been everywhere and it’s really not a shocker that I decided to try it, right? Although it was good, I can’t say I would go again – was glad to try it but definitely not my new favorite Ice Cream.

Pizza Beach


Delicious pizza. There are two locations, one on the Upper East Side and one on the Lower East Side. I went to the one on the UES, and it was in such a nice area – very quiet. We were able to get a table outside which I would definitely recommend. The interior of the restaurant is beautiful, but the sidewalk seating they had was very calming and not super claustrophobic, which I think is hard to find. I could only finish half of my pizza because the crust is so thick and extremely filling, but it was really good. Above is what it looks like outside next to the tables!

Baz Bagel

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Baz Bagel is the cutest bagel shop – super tiny, but that adds to the ambience of the whole place. Plastered with pictures of Barbara Streistand on the wall, it’s quaint and fun, plus there is a huge menu with tons of different options. I got a bagel with lox and beet cream cheese (hence the pink color) which was extremely filling and delicious. Plus, at the end of the meal, they gave us a complimentary plate of treats – rugelach and macaroons – the only thing we didn’t get to try were the black and white cookies!


Mini Golf at Pier 25


Mini Golf at the Pier was such a fun activity. Although the course itself was fairly bland and unexciting, the view was spectacular – as you can see, we were there at sunset and it was absolutely stunning. The weather was beautiful so just being outside was a plus! If you are looking for a inexpensive activity this is good – $5 a person for Manhattan Mini Golf is reasonable. It was a little crowded but not crazy, and the course is open until 10pm during the summer which is a bonus.

Mission Escape Games

Mission Escape Games is one of the Escape the Room places in New York City. This one was located in Chinatown (as mentioned above, we went to Nom Wah Tea Parlor after we finished!). Our room was called “Escape the Initiation”. The background was fairly simple: our group was in the final stages of being hired by a man for his company, but he wanted to observe how we all worked before giving us the job. There was no start or end point (except for leaving the room) so it was fun to guide ourselves and just play with everything to figure a way out. We were able to solve the code and left the room with 3 minutes left!

Met Rooftop & PsychoBarn

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Literally unreal. I could not recommend this more. First of all, the views from the Rooftop are breathtaking. I was so surprised I hadn’t been up there sooner because truly, it is beautiful and something not to miss if you’ll be visiting the city for a short period of time. Currently, there is an exhibition on the roof: the PsychoBarn. I’ve never seen the movie, but this is a replica of the red barn from Hitchcock’s Psycho. Unfortunately, there is no interior – just two walls that make up a facade. It was honestly so cool and again – worth visiting to get a picture (… if we are being completely honest).


American Two Shot, Kith, The Vintage Twin


I didn’t buy anything at any of these stores, so I don’t have too much to report, but they are all extremely interesting concepts. If you happen to be near any of them, worth looking into! I went to American Two Shot entirely in search of Baron Von Fancy stuff, but the selection when we went was disappointing. Kith is a men’s sneaker store that is absolutely beautiful – there is a smaller women’s store across the street (like, really small). It was too hard to shop there because it was such a tiny space, and to be honest, the shoe selection in the women’s store wasn’t spectacular.  The men’s store is worth going into just to marvel at – didn’t take any pictures (missed opportunity) but seriously it is incredible. As for Vintage Twin, again, worth going into. This is a pop up shop that switches locations every few weeks (I believe). They repurpose garments and print on them, which is awesome. If you are lucky enough to find one you like that is your size, the sayings are really fun. They often use lyrics – we went in search of the “Work work work work work” print, courtesy of Rihanna.

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4 Responses to Newcomer in NYC: What You’ve Missed

  1. Abigail says:

    You’ve made me want to go to NYC again! Maybe I’ll be on the lookout for an internship there next summer just so I can try all of those amazing foods and visit all of those amazing places!

  2. Alexa says:

    I lived in NYC for a year and visited countless times before, and I never realized the Met had a rooftop! MoMA is my favorite, though. I’ve never heard of Sadelle’s, but if I may make a brunch recommendation: Hundred Acres in Soho is my favorite. They’re always changing their menu, but everything I’ve had has been great (definitely split an order of cinnamon rolls!). I’ve been meaning to finalize my NYC favorites post, but it’s just such a daunting task haha.

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