Fashion + Tech = Match Made in Heaven

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Fashion and technology are two of my favorite industries, and I love how they are continually colliding – as they should be! With great advancements in tech, the fashion world should want to jump on the bandwagon – releasing accessories to keep up with the times. As of late, the tech world itself has even created fashion and vice versa – these cool improvements truly are news items I get excited about.

Enter jimmyCASE. A little disclaimer: I do strongly believe in the product, and I am sorry it has been all over your Bloglovin.  To all the other bloggers who have written about this already – seriously, you all have done a great job. I’ve never seen a campaign that works so organically because this is a product that (for the most part) actually fits into our lifestyles. That being said, seeing it over and over can distract from how well thought out everyone’s work is. I know it is repetitive and I know it’s not ideal – I’m hoping my narrative will provide a (somewhat) different story.

When the company initially emailed me, I was immediately on board because in college I attached a sticky card slot onto my case to tote my student ID around. It was perfect for me – I needed my ID for access to my room and to buy things. jimmyCASE let me pick out whatever case I wanted – I have an iPhone 6/6s, so that part was easy. From there, I debated on colors – the pink and grey was enticing but a little too preppy for my style, so black it was (are we surprised?).

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Fast forward to receiving the case. I opened the envelope and my dad, who was standing next to me, loved it immediately. He asked if he could use it and I was thrilled he was so interested! My dad has been using the basic Black Apple Case for awhile now and I was happy to assist in switching up his look.

He reported back to me – his sole use of the pocket is for his train ticket, as he commutes into the city for work. He absolutely loves the case and has noted that the elastic is high quality and capable of securely holding important items, such as, in my Dad’s case, the ticket he needs to get to and from work. Recently he’s also been putting his credit card inside for easy access. He always needs to have his phone on hand to coordinate work projects – so it is so fitting for him to have his go-to items attached to it.

I cannot wait to see the new designs jimmyCASE comes out with next – I’d love to buy another one before school starts for my ID but until then, I’ll let my dad enjoy the product.

What’s your favorite phone case?

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  1. Sydney says:

    Such a great idea!!
    xo, Syd

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