Catching Up…

I’m trying to get out of this hiatus funk! One of the things I’ve missed about blogging is sharing some of the things I’ve been enjoying and the dialogue that follows after So without further ado, here are just a few things I’ve been loving/trying/doing that haven’t made it to the blog…

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Hamilton on Broadway

Hamilton was nothing short of a life changing experience. Seriously. Arguably the best part was that we were one week away from the departure of 3 of the main cast members – seeing the show just in time for that was incredible (despite the fact that I’m certain the new replacements are just as talented). Now, I can’t stop listening to the music (either can my mom!). Safe to say that if I can ever find a way to get tickets again, I’ll be going – it is worth every penny.


This summer I’ve been interning for an athleisure start-up company so I’ve been getting more and more into the trend, especially because I’m allowed to wear it to work! Old Navy has some great picks for fun leggings that don’t break the bank. And of course, I’m still hooked on Lululemon – particularly their sports bras. Sometimes they are randomly on sale – checking in the store every now and then (while dangerous for your wallet) is a good idea. I recently got this bra in black and I love it!

Difficult People & UnReal

I don’t find myself watching too much TV, even now that I’m home from school and have the time to. The few shows I have been indulging in are Difficult People (Hulu), UnReal (Lifetime), and my guilty pleasure (hate to admit it) The Real Housewives of New York City (Bravo). Difficult People is hilarious and weird – I blew through all the preexisting episodes on Hulu and now I’m up to date. It’s a little quirky but I really enjoy it! UnReal is about the making of a fictional Bachelor-style show. I binge watched the first on Hulu earlier this year, and now I’ve been keeping up to date as it airs on television. The first season was (in my opinion) better, but I still enjoy the current episodes – so many twists and turns. I’m not even going to venture to explain Real Housewives – just know that once you start, as ridiculous as it is, you can’t stop watching.



I’ve had a post on Adidas sitting in my drafts for months now. I first got the green Stan Smiths a few months ago and wore them way more than I ever would’ve imagined. As I mentioned above, athleisure is a favorite of mine – and Adidas has truly crafted great products that feed straight into that new area of the fashion industry. I just recently bought Superstars with burgundy snakeskin detailing instead of the classic black which I’m excited to wear in the Fall. I was never really a sneaker person before, but if I was going to wear a pair, Converse were my go to. Now I’ve totally neglected my pair in favor of the Adidas sneakers!

Blogs I’ve Been Reading

Lastly, I wanted to touch on some blogs I’ve been reading because, despite my Debbie Downer attitude, there are some people that are producing amazing and inspiring content. As I’m sure you all know by now, Nicole is my blogging bestie and her blog, Empire Styles, has been incredible lately. Other new favorites include Lemon Stripes (Julia has been killing it! She is so real and genuine, it is such a breath of fresh air) and Chic in Carolina (Katie’s My Chic Week posts are such a great way to wrap up the week). I also have so been enjoying The Gold Dime – I feel like all of Shelby’s content is so polished.

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  1. Katie says:

    Thanks for including me, Jamie! You’re too sweet!


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