Long Time, No Speak


Everytime I try to write this post, I get bored. I’ve written it before, and I know I’ll write it again. The “it” I’m referring to simply my go-to excuse post, the “sorry I haven’t been around” or “my bad for not writing” and it’s literally the same shit every. single. time.

I feel an inherent need to always be apologizing, but the thing is, I’m not really sorry I haven’t blogged in over a month. And considering the lack of engagement this blog typically has, I’m pretty sure no one is that upset I wasn’t present.

There is nothing motivating me to blog – I read other posts and I think they are often irrelevant, I read back my own old posts that are (for the most part) a load of BS, and I go on Twitter and see everyone’s fake thoughts just to be “accepted” and it’s made me stop caring.

Nicole and I finally got to catch up after awhile and we had a lot of the same thoughts. What is next for our blogs? Is there anything we can do to change the nature of the current blogging system? How can we compare to the increased amount of full time bloggers? And worst of all: should we just quit?

I like to write, but in today’s “blog culture” you must be writing a certain way, mentioning specific products, tweeting out cutesy little thoughts about really nothing at all, and maintaining a perfectly curated Instagram but passing it off as entirely effortless. Those extra steps were once something I enjoyed, but now it just annoys me. It’s a lot of work just to seem “present”, and it is all pretty gimmick-y. Links to your last blog post are to get more views, and links to products are probably through an affiliate program are to make money. I get it, it makes sense, but to be honest, I hate it.

I don’t think I want to stop blogging entirely, I just need to find a new rhythm, embrace a true voice, and stop caring what everyone else is doing because it doesn’t really matter. (Way easier said than done.)

I can’t promise consistency – I can’t really promise anything – all I can hope is that if you like my perspective, you’ll continue to read in some capacity. If I’m not tweeting, just know it is because Twitter bores me sometimes. If I’m not using my blog instagram, then just follow my personal one – even if it’s not perfect, at least it is being updated.

If there’s something you want to see, let me know. If you think I’m totally wrong, please – speak up! The blog world is way too agreeable – sometimes, you just want the truth. Any sort of dialogue we could have about this is something I want to be a part of so feel free to reach out.

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Long time no talk. Sorry about that. Still figuring out this thing called balance – it’s really difficult. I had a huge project I’ll talk about later because it culminates in a Newcomer in NYC that I think you guys would like! But until then…

I wanted to update you on an awesome (and 100% free) service called Influenster. You fill out some easy information about yourself, connect your social media networks, and gain points all to receive cute boxes containing entirely free products for you to try and review online.

What I love the most about it is that it provides a platform in which bloggers (or anyone – you don’t have to have a blog) can try products and provide an honest review. Not to mention the fact it’s totally free – you don’t even have to pay for shipping.


Yes, the whole thing is hit or miss. This box was great exclusively because of the Snickers Crisper bars, which I’ve had before and absolutely love (I’m a big fan of Buncha Crunch so it was a logical step for me to think these were incredible).

As for the rest, there was a tea sample, but I don’t like tea, some wipes, and also an NYC Lip/Cheek tint. Nothing incredible, but entirely free – so sifting through the unnecessary to get to the good doesn’t hurt.

As a college student, I find these a fun way to add to my package count throughout the year. I love getting mail, and this is no exception. When I went to go pick it up in the mailroom, I saw a bunch of a tiny blue boxes – clearly many people are on board with this service trend.

Essentially, it’s like Birchbox or PopSugar without having to pay – this way you can’t get disappointed if you don’t like what is provided.

What do you think of Influenster? Have you tried it?

Sign up here.

Let me know!

xoxo, Jamie

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Let’s Have Coffee

Happy April! Remember me?

…April 1: a clean slate. Yes, I am aware that it’s April Fool’s Day but I swear, I’m not pulling anything over on you this time around

Grab a coffee, a snack – whatever it is you’d like, and lets pretend we are talking to one another, similarly to this post from what feels like ages ago.

I have had a lot to say for awhile now, and I haven’t even known where to start. Couple that with a complete lack of time and instead of putting out content that’s not complete, I haven’t put up too much at all. It makes me sad because blogging brings me so much joy, but I’m hoping to get all of my thoughts (no matter how harsh and bitter they happen to be) off my chest to proceed. Everything might be a little jumbled and I’m not sure if anything will transition from my brain to the computer well, but bear with me…

First, I’d like to start off with the fact that I have acknowledged that being busy is never an excuse. And I’m still sticking to that; although I do have a lot going on, if I wanted to blog, I definitely could’ve made time (as I did to publish this one post). However, not to push the blame onto others, I feel that the blogging community has been so uninspiring. Somedays, I don’t even click on my Bloglovin notification because I know it’s going to be more of the same.

Brief pictures of outfits just don’t do it for me. I’d much rather prefer lengthy discussions of trends, happenings, even what you did yesterday. I admire bloggers like Jessica and Hallie because they can tell a story with their outfits – instead of letting the photos do the talking (or not talk, as has been happening more often than not). It’s boring, and with the little time I have to read articles or surf the web, scrolling through uninteresting posts is not on the top of my list.

Blogging in general has not been on the top of my list. The joy I once got out of producing content and working hard has faded a little bit, which is disappointing because it wasn’t a conscious choice. I think that what started as a passion project has been clouded by the surrounding environment, and with everyone writing the same things, and other people only wanting to read very specific, niche things, it limits creativity on a high level.

I sometimes come up with ideas only to not execute them due to 1. my complete laziness as mentioned above, and 2. a predicted disregard from the general audience. The way our blogging community has formed is extremely strange; the only people who comment on blog posts are other bloggers, and often (at least in my own experience), no comments at all. We’re in a very tech-savvy time, yet personally I’ve found it hard to spread my blog to others who are not in the throes of the blogging world.

After all, sometimes posts aren’t supposed to be geared towards other bloggers – when I started blogging, I didn’t even know that was a thing. I’ve fed into the hype, but all these posts about what bloggers do and say doesn’t mean anything in real life. It’s not necessarily a problem in the grand scheme of things, and it doesn’t mean I’ll stop doing them, it’s just confusing. How do all the big name bloggers attract bloggers and non-bloggers as readers? How does someone like me, trapped in a relatively small, tight-knit blogging community attract new people to visit my website?

And in the midst of all these thoughts, just as I attempt to come back to the blogging world, there is the big Instagram debacle. Am I the only one that really does not care? I understand that Instagram is HUGE, but I’m sorry, it truly is not the end of the world. If you step up your game, you’ll naturally attract back the same number of followers you had. Although not seeing everyone’s post is an inconvenience, this happens naturally – sometimes people post on the app when you are not active – and won’t be for a few hours. Getting so worked up about an application (even if it is a supplement to your personal brand) isn’t enough.

And that’s all (for now).

I can’t make any promises just yet – I just wanted to update you all in some capacity.

Let me know what you think and don’t be afraid to disagree – I’m open to all/any thoughts!

xo, Jamie

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Light LeSportsac

LeSportsac has reformulated their classic products in favor of a lighter, chic-er, and easier model. I caught a glimpse of it way back in December when the SoHo pop-up was selling all the products, but now that it is up on the online shop as well, I had to share on the blog!

Here are some photos from the shop when the line was doing it’s pre-release showing:IMG_0733 IMG_0735The new LeSportsac is reimagined to be better for the user, aka, just when I thought the brand couldn’t get any better it did. The major new elements are…

New fabric – LeSportsac is now using micro ripstop fabrics that are incredibly light, while still maintaining the same strength as the slightly heavier fabrics from before.

New hardware – The hardware is now aluminum and the zippers are redefined in a more classic, futuristic way.

New logo – The logo has been re-colored to a sleek silver.

New inside innovation – The inside of the bags is lined with a metallic interior in either silver or pearl to match the bag’s pattern but still continue the quality control the brand aims to include.

The four elements combine to create a new round of effortless products that round out the LeSportsac mission – and I could not be more excited!

As for my product pick…

I love the Functional Backpack in Full Moon. This is slightly smaller than my other LeSportsac backpack on the outset, but don’t be fooled: it can still hold a ton.The pockets are incredibly functional: two zippered in the front and two side pockets for a water bottle or an umbrella.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Cardigan: Don’t Ask Why, Jeans: Design Lab, Shirt: Dor L Dor, Shoes: Steve Madden, Backpack: Lesportsac, Sunglasses: Warby Parker, Jewelry: David Yurman, Apple Watch, Lokai Bracelet

We’ve had a random streak of sunny, warm days – so I decided it was the perfect time to snap pictures of the backpack. Versions of this outfit have also become a go to in these recently brighter days; although they aren’t super often, having shoes similar to these on hand and cardigans to throw on are extremely important! (I’m thinking of writing a post though about what I wear when the weather isn’t like this – which is more often than not)

Shop this new collection and specifically my backpack!

And before I end this post, I just wanted to acknowledge that yesterday was my FOUR year blog anniversary! To be honest, I thought it today (3/12) and went back and checked my first post (it is very embarrassing) to find it was March 11, 2012.

This day completely snuck up on me and I can’t believe The Fashion Newcomer has been existence for this long! Another post to come on this, but thank you everyone for being patient with me.

xoxo, Jamie

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Sport of Choice: Snacking


Snacking is one of my favorite things to do, and although not necessarily the healthiest, when it comes to dining hall food in college – snacks are a necessity.

I’ve talked about Nourish Snacks before which are an awesome way to have clean, portioned snacks on hand to grab and go before leaving your dorm room. However, as I’ve progressed, I’ve noticed a few other things I have to have on hand to ensure I’m never hungry.

If we are getting really technical here – as I sometimes do when it comes the world of snacking – it’s good to have a variety of snacks – ones with more sustenance, some that can substitute a meal if need be, others to curb that persistent chocolate craving, and then just some pure junk to get you through the day.

My campus is fairly isolated in that there’s no grocery store we can walk to – everything is driving distance. However, since freshman aren’t allowed to have cars, to get to Wegmans (the local supermarket that is, by the way, incredible) we have to take the bus. This is totally fine, but it definitely limits the amount in which I buy considering I can only take back what I can carry.

Thus, I try to pick up light, easy to transport items that don’t go bad too easily so I can have them on hand for awhile before I get a chance to go to Wegmans again.

Some (as of late – and this is always shifting) must haves…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Luna Bars | Wheat Thins | Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Light Cheese Wheel Pretzel Crisps | Pretzel Goldfish | Goldfish | Hummus | Peeled Peas Pleas | Krave | Some Chocolate | Trail Mix | Popcorn

And if you’re really adventurous and want to splurge on yourself, ordering from an online macaron or cupcake boutique is always a fun choice…

Baked by Melissa

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Dana’s Macarons

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Other potential food posts to come: alternatives to dining hall food and how to manipulate dining hall food into something semi desirable. (Only sort of kidding… problem is I am trying to figure these things out as well – please let me know if anyone else has these sorts of tips!)

xoxo, Jamie

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Newcomer in NYC: Meatpacking with Empire Styles

Nicole and I had another blogger date in the city before I had to head back to school for second semester (note: I’m back now, although no consistency guaranteed, hence the dry spell of posts/tweets/instagrams yet again). We had a fabulous time – we set a few destinations, and otherwise wandered and caught up – some much needed girl time!

I broke up some of our destinations so if you are planning a trip to the city you could pick and choose some interesting places to go to – and if that truly is the case, make sure to check out this other post with Nicole here!

To reiterate: yes, Nicole and I met through blogging and despite weird, I am so lucky to have her in my life. We mesh so well and just get each other – and I am so thankful for the blogging world that has connected us!

Onto the day…

Chelsea Market // Artists and FleasIMG_0992

IMG_1014IMG_1040IMG_1001 IMG_0997

Chelsea Market is a great food hall with a plethora of options – we went a little bit before lunchtime, so we decided to browse around Anthropologie and Artists & Fleas, an extension of the market focused on small businesses. Particularly, we went in pursuit of Pamela Barksy pouches – there was a sale going on, but we both decided to pass. There are so many great vendors and it was fun just perusing – and I got to check off going back on my NYC to-do list!

Dos Caminos

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We decided we wanted more of a sit down meal, so we headed across the street to Dos Caminos. I’ve been a few times before and we thought it would be a safe bet to check it out and indulge in Mexican food. I was leaving for school a few days later so any chance I had while home to eat normal non Sodexo food I’ll gladly take! We ended up getting these power protein bowls and guacamole – so delicious. I totally recommend, especially with the chicken – whatever the sauce was, it was incredible and just right amount of spice.

Gansevoort Market // Dana’s Bakery and Crepe Sucre

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_1010Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWhen we left the restaurant we walked over to Gansevoort Market for dessert – it’s a lot of the same vendors that are in UrbanSpace! We picked up Dana’s Macarons to-go (on the to-do list too!) and hopped on the Crepe line – nutella and banana for me, naturally. We sat and chatted more – always a pleasure and a necessity – Nicole and I could talk for days on end if given the opportunity.

Other Snapshots // City Life, Story, and Filicori

IMG_1022 IMG_1031 IMG_1028

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe rest of the day was just spent wandering around – we set off first in search of Story (yes, also on the to-do list…) which is a retail store that changes themes every so often in pursuit of another concept to benefit the consumer. The current theme is wellness in collaboration with Cigna Healthcare. Although we didn’t buy anything, it was still fun to peruse and see the space that adapts so quickly to new concepts.

After, we decided to keep walking up as Nicole had to get back to Penn Station to catch her train. We passed through FIT territory (and can’t wait to go back to visit Shelby sometime soon hopefully!) and noticed we had time, so we decided to plop down at Filicori to warm up with lattes (1. it was freezing and 2. we had seen from some FIT bloggers we follow that the latte art there is killer!).

Although we didn’t get grand designs this time around, it was nice to take in a different environment – less mainstream then Starbucks, people going about their everyday lives… we tried to blend in as best as possible.

Nicole took classes at FIT while in high school on weekends, so as we walked out she pointed out the dorms, buildings, etc. – so interesting to take in a college environment that is so different from mine currently!

And that’s a wrap for this post! I’ll try to be more consistent here on out – hoping for the best…

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In Pursuit of…

It’s important to look up. But also sometimes to look down, because you never quite know the gems you’ll spot as you stroll through the streets…
FullSizeRender 2

I was walking through a small Connecticut town near me and saw this “In pursuit of magic” stamped into a brick in the sidewalk. Of course I had to snap a picture – I am a blogger, after all. Sitting on this snap for a few days, I realized it was a great way to introduce a discussion about some thoughts I’ve had in regards to The Fashion Newcomer lately.

(That and the fact that it’s still the beginning of 2016, so I can still do some reflecting…right?)

I want to start with this: I’m essentially in pursuit of passion and balance.

Let’s back up – I am extremely passionate about this blog, but I occasionally feel like I hit dead ends. While I was gone from blogging, I felt guilty – but I was (at times) very devoid of relevant ideas, so in some regard, I was able to excuse myself from working on it.

I believe in quality over quantity 100%, but lately it’s feeling like if I’m not frequently posting, I’m not staying in-the-know, which means I’m momentarily disappearing from mattering to people who once clicked on my webpage and liked my (hopefully) unique voice.

I’m home on Winter Break now and I wanted to do another take on The Scheduling Project (a successful one this time) – I thought because I was home and rejuvenated that suddenly the ideas would come rushing back and I could actually execute out a decent amount of these ideas.

But I’ve come to realize that no one person – especially a person that isn’t a full time blogger – should write seven to eight blog posts (or even more) for the next month a month in advance, in addition to keeping up with content for the current month. It’s way too much. It’s not conducive to living life to the fullest, doesn’t allow for any spontaneity, and creates a circulation of stale posts.

I want to maintain the passion I have for this blog but also have a balance going forward – sporadically posting doesn’t cut it, but posting boring, uninspired content doesn’t work either.


I am in pursuit of passion and balance. And will be for awhile. Doing both is a stretch – so maybe I too am in pursuit of magic and making what has previous been undoable happen.

You’ll see posts from me – I promise – but the schedule in which you do see them might be a little all over the place – this is so I can get the passion part down first and only write about what I truly believe in.

As I develop on that path, I’m hoping to find some sense of balance as well, and simultaneously master both.

Thank you to all who are sticking with me – I just can’t bear to publish posts I don’t believe in just to post. I know I’ve said this before and I know I’ll say it again, but I felt it had to be said again.

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Stream of Consciousness: First Semester

At first I was going to structure this post as a “Top Five Tips From First Semester” – but as I started brainstorming what those tips would be, I realized I had more rambling to do versus just a straight list of advice – because honestly, what I have to say about school can’t be applied to everyone; it’s just what I have learned through my first time being away from home for a very significant length of time!

As the title says, this is going to be a total stream of consciousness so I’m not sure what direction this is heading in but here we go…


I picked my roommate online, which I know there’s a lot of debate about but it worked out super well. We found each other on the Facebook group which is somewhat laughable but actually ended up having mutual friends. When orientation started, she was the only person I knew there. We are both in special programs at the school, just two different ones that correspond with the professional schools we are in.

Although it’s not common, I happened to meet girls at orientation who would end up becoming my really good friends. At my school, orientation is in the summer before first semester starts, not attached to the beginning of the semester. My roommate met other people who were in her program, and I met them later in the day after all the orientation groups were combined. We hung out for the night, not knowing that we would get back to school in the fall only to be living on the same floor of the same dorm. I think it’s important to note that besides my roommate, none of us kept in touch after orientation – not even friending each other on Facebook.

But we all remembered each other by face, and when we got back to school, knowing some extra people – who then developed into my close friends – was so great. From them, I met who they knew and within the first few days, already had a “group” even if everyone told us that group wouldn’t last beyond those first few days (but it did!!). Takeaway: Keep an open mind during orientation, you never know who you’ll meet and what kind of friends they will develop into! It’s a rarity, but you could be reunited with those friends upon the start of school.

There were only a few days in between move-in and the start of classes – enough to get to know people and have flexibility without being bored and (probably) homesick. Those few days were fun – first frat party, first encounter with dining hall food, first (and really only) time being at school with little to no responsibilities. Takeaway: If your campus affords you time in between move-in and classes, explore campus, find out where your classes are, and always keep your door open!

On the Monday that classes began, I was actually really nervous. I had an 8:30am and I was so nervous I was going to oversleep – I don’t think I slept much that night anyways. Once the day started going (I had 3 classes that day), it was a lot better – I found out my 8:30 was an optional class (woo!) and my other classes were much shorter than the allotted time, used simply just to go over the syllabus. Takeaways: Avoid 8:30ams at all costs (trust me, waking up in college is way different than high school), print the syllabus out for classes where it was released online already (if you can, no big deal if you can’t), and know that during first week, classes will (most likely) be shorter.

At first, the food seemed great because everything was new – I was choosing whatever I wanted for each meal, and over the first week I saw what the daily rotation was at the dining hall. Unfortunately, after the new-ness of it all faded away, I was not the biggest fan of the dining hall food – and due to a lack of overeating, I loss weight instead of gained. This is an anomaly!! I also think the fact that I’m walking a lot more than ever before (3 to 4 miles a day, according to my phone) and occasionally going to the gym (it’s so close I don’t have much of an excuse) contributes. Takeaway: Dining hall food can be iffy, but be smart, make sure you eat, and find what you like!

From there, getting adjusted even more required discovering the little nuances of campus –   particularly how to get into a rhythm of studying and at that, where to study. There’s tons of study spaces but finding what is best for you – and then probably switching it up every now and then, is best. Takeaways: Try out different spots to see what noise level you like for studying, what location is best for you, and whether you can or can’t be around friends. 

I’m going to cut off this post here – I know its a semi-abrupt ending – but I have a lot more to say and putting it all into one post would be super long – way longer than anyone would want to read.

Look out for more on this (that is – if you want more – if so tweet me so I know!).
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Authenticity is Never Having to Say Sorry


The blogging world has finally received some sort of a wake up call, although the message I extrapolated from this “call” isn’t necessarily what everyone else has seemed to believe it to be.

The wake up call I’m talking about is the one that came from Danielle Marie, a popular youtuber online. Her video (click here to watch) detailed her views on the current state of YouTube – which many bloggers are applying to our own platforms of WordPress and Blogger. In short, Danielle called for action regarding the production of more thoughtful, sit-down videos as opposed to perfectly curated routines or tutorials.

I was totally on board with that mission, but as the video kept going she mentioned her view count – something that was somewhat off-putting to me. View count should not be everything. I know that on YouTube views = money and some vloggers rely on this money to supplement their other sources of income but please – I think we can spare a few cents to make videos (or publish blog posts) that truly mean something to us, as opposed to just pleasing everyone else.

As I continued to watch the video, I felt that she was apologizing for the switch in her content that was about to come. Honestly, she was apologizing for the fact that she was going to make for videos she was passionate about, but simultaneously begging people to continue to watch – so she could continue getting her sponsorships, endorsements, and of course – money.

I really do commend Danielle for opening up the conversation and getting content creators across all platforms to start buzzing about generating more genuine pieces. It’s nice to see someone making no excuses for more bullshit (for lack of a better term). However, as content creators, we need to see that authenticity is never having to say your sorry. Producing authentic posts that we believe in should be the mission any time you hit “publish” on a post or YouTube video.

We shouldn’t be apologizing for what we’ve done in the past or what we want to do in the future – we should be able to do exactly what we want without worrying about what our “followers” will say. Views are important, but honestly, producing content we are proud of should be our first priority. Although I cherish each and every person that every reads The Fashion Newcomer, I ultimately make my own decisions about what I’m going to publish based on what I believe in.

If we as bloggers or vloggers are putting out content that we are passionate about, the views should come naturally.

What do you think? Please sound off – comment, tweet me, etc. – I’m very interested to know what other bloggers are feeling regarding this topic.Blog Signature

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College + Blogging = ?

IMG_0713College is fabulous and is conducive to two extremes: immense inspiration, or complete lack thereof.

Never fear (although I doubt you were) – I’m home now and I finally have time to write out the posts the phases of inspiration have provided me. One of the things I consistently think about as a (now) college blogger are the frustrations over blogging in this stage. I know that for some its easy, especially if there’s a consortium of bloggers on campus but for me, I’m a little shy when it comes to mentioning this hobby of mine.

Thus, a few problems result… yes, these are exaggerated in some capacity but hey – we’re bloggers – our pictures are perfectly edited, we contemplate for hours over Instagram captions, and we craft posts – all because we want to – a little crazy, yes?

Anyways, here are some of things I’ve thought while in my first semester as a blogger on campus…

Who is going to be my photographer? | I’ve defined time and time again that The Fashion Newcomer doesn’t serve as a grounds to post curated photos of various outfits. However, there are some outfits I do occasionally want to photograph – but unfortunately at college, not only is it too bizarre to ask someone to photograph my outfits but worse – the places with the best scenery are heavily trafficked and I would definitely run into people as this so called “photoshoot” was going on. 

Carrying boxes back from the post office is a struggle | Getting an e-mail that I have a package waiting for me at the post office is one of the most exciting things to wake up to – however, the post office is not super close to my dorm. When the nourish snacks came in, they came in a huge box – which was awesome, but definitely a struggle to carry back into the dorm – including getting out my key card to swipe into the building and into my room. (Major first world problem… I swear this is point is mostly a joke)

Making time (because after all, any time not socializing should be work time) | And if there’s a third category: sleeping. College is forever a balancing act of work, socializing, and sleeping – not much room for blogging. I know this is a bit hypocritical – I’ve said before that people make time for things that are important to them. Granted, I did make a little bit of room for blogging but not nearly enough. For that, I apologize but hopefully now that I’m adjusted, I’ll be able to work on the blog more while at college in the future.

Finding cute coffee shops & beautiful surfaces | My campus is very pretty, but not in an old-architecture way, thus limiting the Instagrams that could be derived from the buildings around me. In addition, I’m on a semi-isolated campus – there are very cute restaurants in a downtown area that’s about a seven minute cab ride away. That being said, nothing is super convenient to jet off to so frequently to have cute cups of coffee on marble tops. Of course this really isn’t what being a blogger is all about, and let’s be real, my Instagrams aren’t too fabulous anyways, so it’s not like I’m chasing that. But grabbing a few polished graphics here and there wouldn’t hurt…

Having to explain your “double” life | While referring to blogging as a second life is an expression I don’t necessarily prefer, when it comes to college, it is slightly true. The fact that I have a blog is not hidden, but I don’t necessarily talk about it all the time either; if people bring it up, I don’t deny it, but I’m not one to particularly make it immense common knowledge. That being said, there are aspects of blogging that remain in this world and don’t translate well over to others – the fact that Nicole and I met in person and became great friends through this hobby is something that is probably crazy, but having been in the blogosophere for some time, I’ve accepted the weirdness of it!

Scrolling through bloglovin in the 10 mins walking to class | Any other college bloggers feel me on this? Whenever I’m walking to class (most are a decent length away from my dorm), I’m always catching up on bloglovin. It’s strange because I know I’m in the minority reading that app as opposed to catching up on news – it feels like only bloggers or avid blog readers know to have the app. Regardless, it almost seems as if it is the only time I have to see what other people are blogging about.

So to answer my own headline question: college + blogging = some form of chaos. But a good kind! Getting adjusted to blogging in college has been weird but I’m slowly getting there. College bloggers – help me out – what do you do?

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