10 Trending Handbag Styles for Women in 2023

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The ten most popular handbag designs for ladies in 2023 are shown below:

  • Tote bags

Since they are roomy and functional, tote bags are a favorite among women. They come in a range of designs, from traditional leather to chic canvas. Women who need to carry a lot of goods with them can use tote bags.

  • Crossbody Bags

Women who want to avoid using their hands often find crossbody bags to be a practical and fashionable solution. They are ideal for going on errands or enjoying a laid-back day with friends. Crossbody bags come in a variety of shapes and materials, including canvas and leather.

  • Clutch purses

Women’s clutches are a timeless and chic option. They are ideal for dressy events like cocktail parties and weddings. The materials used to make clutch bags range from leather to satin, and they can be embellished with gems like pearls and rhinestones.

  • Bucket Bags

Bucket bags have been popular for a while, and in 2023, they are still popular. They are ideal for daily use because they are roomy and fashionable. Tassels and other embellishments can be added to bucket bags, which come in a variety of materials like leather and suede.

  • Satchel purses

Women’s satchel bags are a traditional and enduring choice. These bags are available in leather, and canvas, and are ideal for work or school. For an added sense of elegance, satchel bags can be embellished with buckles and other details.

  • Backpacks

Backpacks are a fashionable and practical alternative for women in 2023; they are no longer simply for school. They are available in leather, nylon, etc. For an edgy appearance, studs and other embellishments can be added to backpacks.

  • Belt Bags

Fanny packs, commonly referred to as belt bags, are making a comeback in 2023. They are a practical and fashionable choice for women who want a hands-free method. The materials used to make belt bags range from leather to canvas, and they can be embellished with chains and other details.

  • Hobo bags

Women can choose from slouchy, informal hobo bags. These bags are available in leather, suede and are ideal for daily usage. Fringe and other adornments can be added to hobo bags to give them a bohemian appearance.

  • Shoulder Bags

Women’s shoulder bags are a timeless and traditional choice. These bags are available in leather, canvas, etc. These bags can be used for an edgy appearance. When running errands or to work, shoulder bags are ideal.

  • Wristlets

Women have the compact and practical option of wristlets. They are ideal for carrying necessities like a wallet and phone. These bags are available in leather, satin, etc,


A range of handbags is available from the Kinivalo online store in Bangladesh, which caters to all tastes and fashions. Tote bags, crossbody bags, clutch bags, bucket bags, satchel bags, backpacks, belt bags, hobo bags, shoulder bags, and wristlets are among the top ten current handbag designs that women can select from to fit their needs and preferences.