2020 Engagement Ring Trends

Just like wedding invitation designs, venue styles, and wedding guest book designs, engagement rings have trends that come and go. Here are six styles that are hitting the stage when it comes to 2020 engagement ring trends. Don’t worry, it’s completely okay to pin these to your secret Pinterest board!

  1. Yellow Gold

Once thought old and out of style, yellow gold is making a strong comeback. The warm tones of yellow gold pairs wonderfully with vintage and classic styles like a solitaire diamond. Yellow gold also pairs will with colored stones like emeralds and sapphires. Finish off the vintage feel with a traditional gold wedding band.

  1. Delicate Halos

Unlike the lyrics to Beyoncé’s hit song, we may not be able to see your halo anymore. Large, chunky halos that were meant to make the diamond look larger are now being replaced with thin, understated halos. Many brides are even opting to hide the halo altogether and keep it as a happy surprise on the underside of the ring. The hidden halo decorates the basket holding the center stone and provides sparkle and shine from underneath.

  1. Nested and Stacked

More and more, brides are opting for an understated solitaire ring, but are ramping up the sparkle with stacks of glittering bands. Often times, the band is curved or pointed to accent and accentuate the solitaire. Stacking and nesting rings is a great way to show off your ring as the sparkle will be able to be seen during your wedding program as you exchange wedding bands!

  1. Colored Stones

Finding an alternative for your diamonds is a great way to stand out and show your style! From emeralds to black diamonds, and sapphires in every color, there is no limit to what you can choose. Just keep in mind that most gemstones are softer than a diamond and require additional care. But no matter what you choose, your colored gem will storm the stage in such beautiful ways!

  1. Unique Shapes

The majority of diamonds sold around the world are round but fancy, unusual shapes are starting to top the charts. More and more, trends are starting to shift towards ovals and marquise shapes. These shapes are great for elongating your finger and look great on all hand sizes. Love the pear shape but want to add a modern twist to it? Opt for straight lines and do away with the curves – I did! Choosing a different shaped stone is a wonderful way to make a statement!

  1. Vintage

Brides today are opting to look towards the bygone eras for ring inspiration. The Art Deco era is storming the bridal scene, but brides are adding a modern twist by pairing the Asscher cut diamond with a delicate, simple band. If Art Deco isn’t your style, find an era that speaks to you and research the styles of the time. You can’t go wrong with choosing an antique ring or style with an heirloom-quality – it will be timeless!

When choosing an engagement ring, remember to stay true to yourself and make it a reflection of your personality. Because even though trends come and go, your ring is meant to last forever!