3 Trendy Best Selling Leather Bags You Should Have a Look at

Leather bags never go out of fashion, they never get outdated, they look good with all kinds of apparels, and they are perfect for every occasion – everyday bags, picnic bags, college bags, office bags. That is why owning one leather bag is equal to owning tens and even twenty bags in other fabrics. And, it’s not possible to not talk about how classy leather bags look when thinking about actually buying one. 

If you too want to buy a trendy leather bag, then we can certainly help – this guide is about 3 amazing Lowell leather tote bags and the features that make them some of the bestselling and most adored options by every woman with an eye for fashion. 

Let’s begin! 

  1. The Atwater Outlaw Leather Bag

This is a spectacular tote bag that works equally well as an everyday bag. You can actually carry it to work since it’s extremely spacious and can easily hold a 15″ laptop. 

Here are some other signature marks of this bag that you’ll definitely like. 

  • The leather that’s used is pure cow leather and the bag is bestowed with a minimalist appearance for the sake of keeping it simple. 
  • It is provided with hand straps for comfort and the shoulder straps are adjustable as well as removable. 
  1. The Casgrain Leather Handbag

This tote bag is one of Lowell’s best selling bags since it sets forth an amazing display of style that’s just enough – nothing overboard, and yet it looks extremely beautiful. 

Here are some of the features of the Casgrain tote bag that are worth a mention. 

  • It’s made of cow leather and the beautiful linings that you see on the bag are made of 100% pure cotton. 
  • It has a unique closing pattern. The sides wrap on the front like a flower whenever the bag is closed with the help of the snap hook and leather loops. 
  1. The Maisonneuve Nappa Leather Handbag

This bag has the classic look of a trendy tote. It’s made of cow leather and the linings are done with 100% pure cotton only. 

  • The shoulder straps on the bag are very comfortable. 
  • The bag has enough space to hold a 17″ laptop. 
  • It’s provided with a double open zipper pocket on the inside. 

In a nutshell, these 3 leather handbags by Lowell are classic examples of premium quality leather bags that can last for many years when cared for.