4 Casual and Festive Bottoms for Men and Women: Best Apparels to Look out For in 2020

Struggling with your wardrobe already at the beginning of the year? You need to hear us out then. A man? A woman? Who cares? We have made this list that encompasses attires for men as well as women.

Grab your reading glasses to embark your journey, discussed below, against the backdrops of some of the most popular summer styles you can buy at Psychonaut Fashion for all occasions.

For the Likes of Men Club

All men on the hunt for suitable casuals and festive clothes, sit tight and explore the section below.

  1. Casual Bottoms

Want to buy comfortable Summer bottoms for everyday look? You can buy the following shorts then.

  • Benders All Black Street Shorts – Since made with cotton stretch twill fabric, these allow free movement.
  • Dude Shorts by Walla – As casual as any, these are certainly a bit fancier. Besides, these are perfect for summers since made with 100% cotton.
  1. Pleated sarouel Pants

Sarouel pants look street smart and highly fashionable. The 2 best pieces by Skyuico you can buy are listed below.

  • Pleated sarouel at Psychonaut Fashion festival clothing features an elastic waistband and baggy pleated pockets on either sides.
  • Pleated sarouel Harem Pants are extra stylish with large pleated side pockets, one full length leg-sleeve and one three-fourth sleeve, and are provided with a zipper for added comfort.

For the Likes of Women Club

Now comes the turn of fashion divas swishing to and forth to explore festive party-wear clothes. If you’re one of them, the section below is meant for you to explore.

  1. Leggings and Pants

Leggings and pants are the ultimate bottom-wears for women. But, they don’t have to be a necessarily boring outfit. If you’re looking for something that’s beyond stylish, the following brands manufacture the best pieces.

  • Albacore Leggings
  • Lotus Leggings
  • Octavia Leggings
  • Foxtrot Leggings

When it comes to pants, one of the best brands is Nomad Hemp Wear. A couple of pieces that are their best-sellers are listed below.

  • Method Pants – They are made of thick bamboo Terry and long-lasting organic cotton.
  • Persian Pants – These stylish three-fourth pants exhibit deep pockets with alluring rivulets in the front. Foreby, they are made extra spacious around the knees for added comfort.
  1. Summer Skirts

Summer skirts can have frills and they can be A-line skater skirts, ruffle skirts, as well as hemmed skirts. Some of the best pieces you can purchase are listed below.

  • Casablanca High-waist Skirt – This one is the re-entry of old Hollywood fashion in the current market. It adorns a mild petal flare at the bottom and has angled front pockets on either side with riveted tabs to complete the look.
  • Sukiyaki Jersey Skirt – A marvel in itself, this voluminous skirt is length-adjustable. It’s mildly embellished too.

Excited? Well, then go shopping and update your look for the entire year right now.